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Rehab. In the real world.

The UK’s number 1 alternative to

residential addiction treatment.

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Your recovery starts here.

Help Me Stop is Rehab in the Real World, available from our London clinic and in our Online Rehab. Help Me Stop is a non-residential addiction treatment service delivering many of the same services that you could expect to receive in residential drug and alcohol treatment but in a Dayhab setting. This includes group and individual therapy, workshops and written assignments as well as an introduction to the 12-step model of recovery.

The Dayhab, intensive outpatient treatment model is non-residential, so you continue to live at home and come in for daily intensive treatment or log on to our online programme and begin to build recovery into your daily life. We give you the tools you need to work through your drug and alcohol addiction, over the course of four weeks.

We are an abstinence-based rehab clinic, and we follow the principle that addiction is an illness, not a moral failing. This illness may be kept in remission if abstinence is adhered to, and we will help you to get there. Our four-week face to face and online intensive outpatient programmes includes twelve months of after-care, free of charge, upon completion. In these aftercare sessions we will make sure you have everything you need to navigate life in early recovery and remain drug and alcohol free.

To find out more about our online and face to face addiction treatment programmes, please contact us, and speak with a member of the team confidentially. Call 0208 191 9191, message us on Live Chat, or email

A Step Towards Recovery.

Our Programmes

Onsite Rehab

Dayhab is a non-residential rehab for alcohol and drug abuse. It allows you to get the treatment that fits around your work and daily life while still returning home each night.


The effects of withdrawal can be manageable, but in some cases they are severe and even dangerous. If you fall into this category, you will need a medical detox.

Online Rehab

We believe that treatment for problematic alcohol & drug use should be available to you wherever you are. We have launched the UK's first online rehab programme.

Alcohol Addiction

For most sufferers, the only way to stop their addiction or problematic alcohol use and obtain sustained abstinence is to enter a formal alcohol treatment programme.

Family Support

Help Me Stop offers a free telephone consultation for family members, friends and colleagues who are concerned about someone's drinking or drug-taking.

Drug Addiction

If you are unable to stop using drugs and it is negatively affecting your life, career or happiness, then you should get drug addiction treatment promptly.

About our Programme

Help Me Stop utilises intensive psychotherapy and the 12-step model of recovery. This programme was established in the USA and has helped millions of people worldwide access a more fulfilling life. Evidence suggests that when the 12-step approach is delivered as part of an integrative psychotherapeutic programme, the roots of addiction can be addressed, and sustainable recovery is achieved.

Help Me Stop offers rehab in the real world and as such provides morning, afternoon and evening streams of both our face to face and online programmes. The online programme is particularly beneficial for those who can’t travel into our rehab centre or live abroad. And with morning or evening streams to choose from, you can fit your treatment in while your kids are at school or in the evenings, depending on what works for you. 

Help Me Stop is committed to ensuring the best addiction treatment is available to the many people that need it, at the most affordable cost. We are an easy to access service and at an affordable price and can get you started straight away. To find out more about our pricing or to book a free pre-admission assessment, enquire with a member of the team today. Call in confidence on 0208 191 9191, say hello on Live Chat, or email

Our Clients' Experience​

Recovery Stories

Feedback from our clients.


Young Man Sitting in a Restaurant
My addiction had pushed my life into ruin, emotionally, physically and financially. I was desperate. Help Me Stop gave me the chance that I needed to start life anew. I can’t believe how drastically the tables have turned. I could not recommend this programme more.
Digital Dayhab: Jul-Aug 2021
woman with curls is laughing at the camera
If you feel like you are unable to cope and that drugs have taken over your life, I would highly recommend speaking with Chris at Help Me Stop. That conversation was the start of my new life without drugs, a life I actually enjoy living. Unlike residential rehabilitation, Help Me Stop allows you to manage recovery with your daily life. I’ll be forever thankful.
Digital Dayhab: May-Jun 2021
Portrait Of A Mature Native Woman Smiling
Before I came to Help Me Stop, I had no control over my drinking and was terrified and ashamed. I had tried to stop by myself numerous times but nothing worked. In treatment, it was a relief to finally meet people who got me. All the therapists were great and a whole new world has opened up for me.
Digital Dayhab: Jul-Aug 2021
Smiling african man with beard outdoor in the city
I loved my time at Help Me Stop. I came in a broken man and they helped put me back together. I've never managed to stay sober for any decent amount of time. With their help, I feel that I am now on the road to long term recovery. Really friendly and knowledgeable therapists.
Digital Dayhab: Jun 21
smiling young woman with cup of tea
I was 30 years old when I came to Help Me Stop. My addiction is ketamine but from the programme I’ve since discovered patterns of behaviours with other processes too. I got a real understanding of what I want from my recovery and that not using isn’t the same as recovering. I gained confidence and now I trust myself.
Digital Dayhab: Apr-Jun 2021
Waist up portrait of mature bald man smiling at camera while standing with arms crossed and posing confidently leaning against wall, copy space
My problem binge drinking led me to the Help Me Stop online alcohol treatment programme. The evening option perfectly met my existing work and family commitments. My previous attempts to self-manage my alcohol problem had always ended in failure but with the help of Help Me Stop, I quickly understood that abstinence was the only long-term solution to my drinking issues.
Digital Dayhab: May-Jun 21
Portrait Of Smiling Senior Hispanic Woman In Garden At Home Against Flaring Sun
Help Me Stop was a completely life-changing experience. The chance to stop and reflect in a safe environment, the care and support of the group, the amazing therapists and counselling sessions, it was a perfect package to move forward from addiction. I'm a completely different person: calmer, more at peace, and better equipped to deal with life's challenges.
Digital Dayhab: May 21
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