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How Effective Is Dayhab?

Help Me Stop’s Dayhab and Digital Dayhab models are a new approach to drug and alchol treatment. We’ve built them based on intensive psychotherapy and the globally recognised 12 step approach to recovery.

Our Dayhab models matches or exceeds the recovery rate of traditional, residential rehab programmes. We’re proud of this because it’s available at approximately one-tenth the cost. For many people, the cost of more traditional residential rehab put it out of reach. Our lower costs have made the same level of intensive treatment you would get in a residential rehab more accessible to more people.

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Flexibility matters

If it isn’t cost that holds people back from entering a rehab programme, it’s often their schedule. Life can’t simply be put on hold so that you can recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol, as nice as that would be! Families and loved ones need care and attention, and for many individuals struggling with addiction, there’s still a job to attend throughout the week so bills can be paid.

We feel that our face to face Dayhab and online Dayhab programmes are effective here because they’re flexible, available in the mornings, in the afternoons and in the evenings. Drug and alcohol rehab should be a part of your life but we understand that they cannot take over your every waking moment.

Aftercare and family support

Although it’s personal difficulties that bring people into treatment, the whole family system is almost always affected. The importance of family involvement in treatment cannot be overstated. Support from family members not only increases the likelihood of successful treatment, it can even prevent relapses. Although individual family members are concerned about the person they care about with the drug or alcohol problem they also have their own needs, goals, and issues. Our family programme establishes a mutually supportive environment and gives families the tools to restore functional family dynamics and deal with these issues. With his mind we provide a family programme of 8 weekly 90-minute sessions

Help Me Stop provides a 90-minute continuous weekly aftercare group for clients completing either our face to face or online service. Alcohol and drug testing is also included as part of all of our aftercare sessions if desired. Aftercare should be seen a continuation of treatment as evidence indicates that the first 60 days after completing a treatment programme is when relapse is most likely. With his mind we provide free aftercare for 12 months for all of our clietns that complete treatment. Drug and alcohol testing is also included in this package if desired.

Dayhab is intensive

If you are noticing signs of addiction we can help. Anyone with a substance abuse problem struggles with it but it’s commonly agreed that intensive courses give the best results. Immersing one’s self in group work, 1:1 sessions and the other activities that make up an effective rehab programme increases your chances of recovery and sobriety, and it’s on that understanding that we designed our face to face Dayhab and online Dayhab programmes.

Our drug and alcohol Dayhab offerings provides 4 weeks of intensive face to face or 6 weeks of online drug and and alcohol treatment along with family support. We also provide aftercare to support your life in recovery.

We’re here if you’d like to talk about how you or a loved one are struggling with drugs and alcohol. Please feel free to reach out by calling 0208 191 9191 or by using our contact form