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We are a team of addiction specialists, with all of us having personal experience of addiction recovery. We are here to offer help and support to those who need it.

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Our Central London rehab clinic and our Online Rehab can help you break free of addictions and work towards getting back on track. 

Help Me Stop offers Dayhab rehabilitation, a non-residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Over four weeks, we will work together with a mix of one to one sessions, assignments, workshops and group sessions, to help you work through any issues and equip you with the tools you need to stop and stay stopped.

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Rehab centre in Central London 

Our clinic in Central London is based in Fitzrovia, and we offer an intensive outpatient programme for convenience and ease. We find that many people come to us with differing circumstances, to build these sessions into their day, allowing them to begin integrating recovery and rehab into their lives. 

Online Rehab

If you are outside of London or unable to engage in person, we also offer online support. The approach remains the same as our intensive outpatient programme and you will get access to one to one support, workshops and assignments, as well as group therapy sessions, the main difference being that the sessions will all be online from the convenience of a safe, confidential space, instead of face to face.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8am-9pm

Saturday – Sunday: 10am-3pm

Useful info

Central London: 

4 Percy Street, Fitzrovia,

London, W1T 1DE 

We know that everyone has a story, and varying reasons why addiction may have taken a hold in their lives. We are here to listen and support, free of judgement, to help you work through those emotions and feelings, with practical advice and support along the way. In group work we will show you that despite our differences we have more in common than we think. Addiction does not discriminate and can take hold of us no matter our individual background or circumstances. We include a range of different techniques within our treatment programme. It is a combination of integrative Psychotherapy, CBT, Psychodynamic Counselling, Motivational Interviewing, an introduction to the 12-steps and Person-Centred Therapies. We will work with you to develop a tailor-made individual treatment plan and an on-going recovery plan for when you complete the four week programme.

We also offer support for relatives and friends who need help coming to terms with a loved one’s addiction, and how that may have impacted their life as well. We have trained experts in these fields and support for spouses too, to work on building connection, trust, and communication. 

Our purpose is to help those battling with drug and alcohol addiction, working with those affected to transform their lives and to give them tools and techniques that they need to live a life free from the misery of addiction or alcoholism. Upon completion of the six weeks treatment programme you will have access to three months of after-care, free of charge. We are committed to helping you overcome your addictions and to support you to help move through your life, especially in the early stages of this process of recovery. 

We know that residential treatment programmes are not the right approach for everyone, and it isn’t always viable to take that time away from real life. Our Dayhab clinic offers a different approach to this, so that you can integrate recovery and rehab with daily life, and to find a solution that works for you. 

Help Me Stop truly is ‘rehab in the real world’.

If you would like to contact a member of the team for a confidential chat, please do get in touch.