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West London Rehab

199, 201 High St, Acton, London W3 9DE

Help Me Stop’s drug and alcohol addiction centre in Acton, West London, is the first location that opened in 2019. The Acton branch which is in the Borough of Ealing can be found on the High Street in the old bank building, opposite the Morrison’s.
Help Me Stop Counselling Service, Acton

We're local & affordable.

help me stop acton treatment centre
Help Me Stop Dayhab centre

Help Me Stop Acton, West London provides help and programmes for drug and alcohol addiction. We specialise in dayhab, which is a type of rehabilitation built around rehab in the real world. We are accessible, affordable and afford you the flexibility to continue with as little interruption to daily life as possible.  If you need help with addiction, then Help Me Stop is here for you. 

Dayhab is designed with you in mind, to help you move forward with your life in a positive and productive way. Dayhab is an alternative to residential treatments, so you can build a solution that works around your life and commitments. We know that everyone is different, with different lives and that residential treatments are not always suitable or practical. 

We offer support that is tailored to you, and that is designed to change your life. We offer online treatment programmes for those unable to access out person programmes across London, including our rehab centre in Acton in West London.

Dayhab is more intense than residential rehab and we offer a similar experience without the waiting around. Non-residential treatment is a more flexible and affordable approach to rehabilitation. Our programme draws on Integrative Psychotherapy specialising in addiction, CBT, Psychodynamic Counselling, Motivational Interviewing and Person-Centred Therapy. We tailor the programme around the individual, so that they can get the most out of the experience with us. 

We offer morning, afternoon and evening programmes, so you can fit dayhab around your life and commitments, and make it work for you. 

Addiction affects everyone differently and there are varying degrees that it can affect your life. We specialise in drug and alcohol addictions, and will work with you to turn things around. Most of the members of staff at Help Me Stop have personal experiences with drug and alcohol addictions, overcoming issues and troubles along the way. This means that they can create programmes from a place of knowledge and experience, and work with you from a place of compassion and understanding.

Our six-week programme at our Dayhab centre, is a combination of group work, workshops and assignments, as well as one to one sessions with our expert addiction team in Acton. After the six weeks are complete, we offer a free aftercare programme that lasts for twelve weeks, to make sure you have the support you need post-treatment. 

Along with the support we offer for individuals, we offer friends and family conferences, and support groups as well. This way your loved ones can find out how best to support you, and talk through any concerns or issues they have, in order to create a safe and supportive environment. If you want to look at support for you and your friends or relatives, we offer a safe and confidential environment to work on improving those relationships separate to your treatment plant. 

We know that there are a range of reasons that may have led you or a loved one to addiction, and no story is the same. We are here to listen and to support, free of judgement, to make sure you have the care and knowledge you need to get back on track. We will work with you to get to the bottom of the issues, so you can overcome them with confidence. 

If you are looking for advice or seeking help for addiction, then we would recommend that you get in touch with a member of the team. We will do all we can to help and to get you back on the right track. You can get in touch via the website or by phone for a confidential chat, to see if dayhab is the right option for you. 

If you have any questions, please call us.