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Toulou’s Treatment for Ketamine Addiction: ‘Not Using Isn’t the Same as Recovering’

Client recovering from ketamine addiction with Help Me Stop

Prioritising Recovery from Ketamine Addiction

‘I was 30 years old when I came to Help Me Stop. I came in for ketamine addiction but from the programme I’ve since discovered patterns of behaviours with other processes too,’ Toulou says. ‘I knew I needed some institutional help and felt that online Dayhab with Help Me Stop was a very happy medium between in-patient care and only attending meetings.

‘I tried not to expect anything but it was hard not to expect or hope that Help Me Stop would be a magic pill to swallow and solve all my issues. I thought it was going to take up a lot of head space and most of my day. I wasn’t looking forward to this. I was prepared to prioritise recovery but I knew I had some commitments. I feared it was going to be six weeks of hell trying to juggle it all.’

Toulou’s Experience of Digital Dayhab

‘It really was a pleasure to do the programme. Although it was a large chunk of the day, it certainly was not a chore. I was really hoping to succeed in not using. I didn’t really know what that looked like before joining the programme and I wasn’t achieving it on my own.

‘In treatment, I worked well with Moira. She helped me open up about things. She gave me space to talk about things that I clearly needed to face. She is professional and caring. Overall, I got a real understanding of what I want from my recovery and what I can get from recovery. I also understand that not using isn’t the same as recovering. I gained confidence and I now trust myself.’

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