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When is Online Rehab Appropriate?

What factors might influence your decision when it comes to online rehab versus in-person treatment?

Thanks to advancements in technology, at the onset of the pandemic Help Me Stop launched our online rehab for clients unable to attend in person. Our six-week online rehab option is the most intensive, affordable and effective offering of its kind. It aims to support adults with an addiction to alcohol and/ or drugs into abstinence and gives them the tools for ongoing recovery.

Appropriate means suitable or proper, given the circumstances and this varies from person to person. What suits a stay at home parent with young children, may not suit someone working full time in the city. Location can be a deciding factor when choosing which option is a good fit. Someone who lives outside of the catchment zones of either the West London or Central London centres may be unable to attend in person. Ultimately, it depends on finding a solution that you believe will work for your needs, goals and priorities.

Some of the factors that might influence your decision are:

  • Financial suitability – the online programme is half the price of the in-person programme. The Digital Dayhab option is £2,400 inc VAT for six weeks, as compared to the in-person help with addiction which is £3,600 inc VAT in London and Winchester. Food and transportation are also costs to factor into when getting to and from the centre, and paying for your own lunch. You can read about some of the more subtle costs on our blog ‘The Real Cost of Rehab in the UK’.
  • Time flexibility – with the increase in working from home and home schooling through these unprecedented times, we are more accustomed to being flexible in our scheduling. With many of us returning to some normality now, people may find after the morning school run they have time to engage in the morning Digital Dayhab stream which runs from 9:15-11:30am. Alternatively, some people may go to the office or be working remotely until 5pm and find the evening Online Rehab more suitable from  6:15-8:30pm. Online is often the perfect choice for busy parents, carers and workers.
  • Worldwide access – if you have a safe space and good internet connection, you can access our Online Rehab from anywhere. We have had people from all over the world finding the help they need with their addiction problems with Help Me Stop’s Digital Dayhab. Many of our graduates go on to form lasting relationships after treatment and have travelled hundreds of miles to meet each other and celebrate the connection they made during their time with us.
  • Safety and efficacy – as part of our assessment process, we identify if physical detoxification is required, before commencing intensive psychotherapeutic care. This ensures that all our clients are physically and mentally safe and ready to engage fully in the treatment programme with us. In terms of successful completions, Online Rehab compares very well to in-person treatment, with clients reporting high levels of engagement with their therapists and peer group.

Some potential drawbacks to attending online include:

  • Blurred lines – the lack of separation between treatment and work/home life. Occasionally, people attending online may find it harder to self-motivate, particularly if they already lack motivation.
  • Distractions – the temptation to use phones or other electronic devices and even browse websites while on Digital Dayhab is a real possibility. It can be hard to focus if your home environment is full of distractions, such as children in the home, household chores and daily tasks.
  • Lack of physical contact – the level of physical interaction is significantly reduced when accessing online rehab. This cannot be avoided, if this is the preferred method of engagement. It really puts the onus on the person to plan meetups with their peer group and begin to develop friendships if they wish. It can also make one to one counselling more challenging for the focal counselor and harder for dealing with more difficult issues.

In summary, Online Rehab and its appropriateness for you will depend on a variety of factors. It has its benefits and setbacks and will sometimes be an easy decision to make and at other times require careful deliberation. There are advantages such as lower costs, and travel time, and also drawbacks such as distractions and finding it difficult to focus. It is important to make a choice that is right for you, and you do not have to make that decision alone. We are here to help you decide the best course of action and are available to support you in getting the help you need.

We’re here if you’d like to talk about how you or a loved one are struggling with drugs and alcohol. Please feel free to reach out by calling 0208 191 9191 or by using our contact form.