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Giving Birth this Christmas: My Gift of Addiction Recovery

Becoming a Mum in Addiction Recovery

In December, we’re celebrating the many gifts of addiction recovery, as well as how former clients will be spending Christmas. It doesn’t really get much better than becoming a mum! Our addiction treatment programmes in London and online are accessible and affordable: call +44(0)208 191 9191 or contact us here to start your addiction recovery today.

In addiction recovery, ‘I just feel excited…waiting eagerly to see what my baby is like’

‘I will be giving birth around Christmas, so my Christmas will be either with a newborn or I will be very heavily pregnant. But I will be with my immediate family. I am absolutely petrified – no, I’m not! I’m very excited. I would not be here if it weren’t for my recovery at Help Me Stop. I wouldn’t be able to manage everything that is about to happen and the huge changes in my life that are about to happen, if it weren’t for recovery. I am sure there are going to be days that I feel overwhelmed and exhausted and in my previous life, that would obviously mean turning to alcohol and drugs. But since Help Me Stop, I just feel excited. I feel what I think a normal parent feels – someone who isn’t an addict – just feels nervous, excited, waiting eagerly to see what my baby is like.’

The next generation of addiction treatment

At Help Me Stop, we’ve created intensive Dayhab programmes for addiction, to help you stop and stay stopped. Our addiction treatment centres in central London and west London, as well as our Online Rehab, help clients to break the cycle of addiction. Whilst in addiction treatment, you will remain living at home or a location of your choice, so that from day one you can practise recovery strategies in everyday life. Parents, carers and working people of all ages tell us that our programmes are attractive because they fit around their life, minimising disruption and keeping costs low.

Call 0208 191 9191 or contact us here to book a free and confidential addiction assessment, so you can decide if we’re a good fit for you.