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The Life Beyond Series: Becoming a Mum in Addiction Recovery

Help Me Stop Life Beyond Series showcasing Christianna

There is a great life waiting for you or your loved one in addiction recovery. In a new series of videos from Help Me Stop, our former clients speak about what they are most proud of in their addiction recovery and how their life is different today. These stories are first and foremost about human beings, people who happened to have experienced addiction and found recovery. We hope you take something for you from this first story about one of our clients, who is now in her 17th month of addiction recovery. At the time of making this video, she is seven months’ pregnant. Watch her story to hear how she is feeling about the extraordinary changes that are happening in her life. Please contact Help Me Stop to talk about affordable addiction treatment.

Start Your Addiction Recovery Today

  • If you’re suffering with an addiction and you’re finding life very difficult or painful, there is help with addiction. Our programmes at Help Me Stop are affordable, accessible and confidential. Help Me Stop was founded on the principle of opening up the doors of addiction treatment to many thousands more people, who cannot access residential rehab due to cost or life responsibilities.
  • You just have to pick up the phone or message us to start the process. Call our team in confidence on 0208 191 9191.
  • We offer a free addictions assessment, so you can decide if Help Me Stop is the right place for you. You can choose between our face-to-face, intensive Dayhab in central London and west London, as well as our Online Rehab, accessible to anyone with a computer and wifi, anywhere in the world.
  • The majority of our staff team here at Help Me Stop are in long term addiction recovery. We know what you’re going through because we’ve been there ourselves. You will be met with understanding and solutions, not judgment or pressure.
  • Our treatment programme centres around the 12-step approach to addiction treatment and it integrates other therapies, including person-centred therapy and CBT in group and one-to-one sessions. We use evidence-based approaches to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.
  • Start your addiction recovery today by contacting us here.