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Online Dayhab Programme Cost

Online Rehab, also known as Digital Dayhab, is another offering from Help Me Stop, for those looking for help with their addiction to alcohol or drugs. We are the first rehab centre in the UK to offer an intensive, non-residential service, helping you to achieve recovery for addiction in the real world. 

Our team has a wealth of experience and we will work with you from the outset to understand your specific needs. They will tailor our therapeutic approach to best support you, drawing on a range of counselling techniques and recovery tools. We know that every client is unique, and there are many different factors that contribute to addictive disorders. 

Our Online Rehab is available throughout the UK and to overseas clients. It is the most affordable and accessible intensive treatment for addiction in the UK. It’s a great option for many people seeking help with alcohol and drug addiction, including for people for whom traditional  rehab costs  are prohibitive.

Man on laptop having zoom call with others through online rehab

Online Rehab Programme

Our programme centres around integrative psychotherapy, which blends a number of effective therapies for treating addiction, including 12 step therapy, person-centred counselling, CBT, group and one-to-one counselling, recovery workshops and more. Our Digital Dayhab lasts for six weeks, five days a week. We run streams in the morning (9.15am to 11.30am) or the evening (6.15pm to 8.30pm), which is flexible enough for most working people and parents/ carers. The programme also includes one hourly session per week of individual counselling, offering you personalised support and guidance alongside intensive group therapy. 

Taking part in rehab online means that you can get on with your day to day life. It saves the time of commuting and you can implement recovery strategies into your life straight away, as opposed to waiting until the end of your treatment programme (as you would with residential rehab).

Rehab can be costly and time-consuming, so that is why we launched our Online Rehab to make recovery accessible and affordable for many thousands more people.

We can also work together with your family and loved ones to offer extra support and sessions, helping to rebuild relationships, communication and trust.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

There are different rehab programmes out there, and our Online Rehab is the most cost-effective way to access intensive rehab for addiction. By taking our rehab online, we have made our programme even more accessible. View our rehab costs below:

Online Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment


£2,400 (inc VAT)/ 6 weeks online + aftercare

Equivalent to £26.22 per hour

No commuting
Accessible from home or work
Accessible from the UK, Europe & other close time zones
Confidential, secure, intensive and effective
Duration: 6 weeks
Morning or evening streams (9.15am to 11.30am or 6.15pm to 8.30pm)
Group sessions: 10 groups per week, Mon to Fri
One-to-one therapy: once a week, Mon to Fri
Interactive lectures, mindfulness and behaviour change
Individualised treatment plans and assignments
Remote drug and alcohol testing on request
12 weeks of aftercare (on completion)
Option for up to two relatives and close friends to join our family programme (£35 per session)

Whether you are looking for support with drug and/ or alcohol addiction, our team will be here to listen and help without judgement. We know that there are a whole range of reasons that may have led you to this point, and trust us when we say we understand. Online Rehab is intensive and highly effective.

To explore Online Rehab and how to get started, please get in touch with a team member. We will be happy to chat about how we can help. Your enquiry is confidential.