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What is Dayhab?

Dayhab is Rehab in the Real World

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rehab?

Short for rehabilitation, rehab describes treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Rehab is abstinence-based and incorporates a range of activities including one-to-one and group therapy to provide intense support and care to a person who is struggling with substance misuse. Similar to individual therapy, rehabilitation aims to help an addicted individual cease and understand their behaviour and compulsions in an effort to restore quality of life and achieve sobriety.

Traditionally, rehab has been provided in residential settings, although this is changing with the introduction of more flexible and affordable models of rehabilitation to the UK, such as ‘Dayhab’.

What is drug and alcohol Dayhab?

Pioneered in the US, the Dayhab model of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a new offering that matches and exceeds the success rates of traditional residential rehab programmes. More flexible than these traditional options, Dayhab is designed to fit around core working hours and the obligations of family life.

As the Dayhab model is provided in a non-residential yet still intensive manner, the costs involved are drastically reduced. Help Me Stop’s Dayhab model is provided at approximately one-tenth the price of residential rehab programmes while matching or exceeding their success rates. Dayhab has also been around for some time so it has a proven track record of effectiveness. We have a history of dayhab for anyone who is interested. 

What are the benefits of rehab?

Rehabilitation in any form aims to restore freedom and quality of life to a person with problematic drug and alcohol misuse issues. Through individual and group work a client is educated on the reality and mechanics of addiction, gaining a fresh understanding of their compulsions and tendencies relating to substance misuse.

With the structured support of rehabilitation therapists, rehab programmes are instrumental in helping adults to conquer their addiction so they may live a new life free from the pain it brings to them and those around them. 

What benefits of drug and alcohol Dayhab?

As an evolution of the traditional rehab model, Dayhab is available at approximately one-tenth the price of traditional residential rehab. It incorporates modern techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, blending these methods with an intensive programme that involves one-to-one and group work.

Beyond the price difference, Dayhab is simply more practical for individuals with commitments to work and family that cannot be stopped so that rehab can be attended. This makes the Dayhab model available to more “average” adults who cannot afford the luxury of putting life on hold, or the finances to do so, so that recovery can happen. If you are not sure whether you need dayhab, you can learn more here

What is online drug and alcohol Dayhab?

Some clients of Help Me Stop may be unwilling or unable to attend our face to face Dayhab programme. This is particularly true presently due to government mandates regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the UK and worldwide.

Our online Dayhab model is a six-week remote course that involves 8 groups a week (Mon – Fri) and two one-to-one sessions per week. The sessions are provided either in the mornings or evenings to increase the opportunty to fit it around work or homelife. Further support is available through online family and aftercare programmes which provide more specialist assistance.

Contacting Help Me Stop

You are free to talk to a member of the team here at Help Me Stop at no obligation if you feel you need to do so. Call us now on 0208 191 9191 or get in touch using our contact form.