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Addiction Recovery and My Relationships

Addiction recovery and relationships

‘I Have Fewer Relationships But They are More Meaningful’

In Alcohol Awareness Week, we’re focusing on the theme of alcohol and relationships: including the relationship with self and with family and friends. Help Me Stop client, C, experienced both our Online Rehab and our London Dayhab programme, transitioning between the two during the first Covid lockdown. We asked her how addiction and recovery impacted her relationships.

‘Since my recovery, I feel calm. I feel able-minded to manage life’s daily nuances. I can deal with normal life situations, whereas before everything was very dramatic and heightened. It was either a really good day or a really bad day. Whereas now, everything is just a normal, manageable journey. The things that matter most to me today would be my relationship with my partner. I was very fortunate to have someone supportive and I am most appreciative for that. I would say my relationships in my life – I have fewer but they are more meaningful. I am mentally able to maintain those relationships, nurture those relationships – but I can also see which relationships maybe don’t serve me anymore, which is quite nice.’

You can also watch and read her full story here, where she talks about becoming a mum in addiction recovery.

Addiction and Relationships

For Alcohol Awareness Week, we’ve created a new page dedicated to alcohol and relationships, where you can find lots of information, support and personal stories about alcohol, treatment and recovery.

If you’re struggling with addiction to alcohol and/or drugs right now, please get in touch on +44(0)208 191 9191 or contact us here. Help Me Stop is the leading alternative to residential rehab in the UK and we have made our face-to-face and online rehab programme as affordable as we possibly can.

If you’re a relative or friend of someone suffering with addiction, and you want to help them find treatment, please call. We also run a family programme, which up to two relatives or friends of clients in treatment with us can attend.