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Healthcare Professionals

Help Me Stop is the UK's most affordable, accessible, intensive Dayhab treatment centre.

With Local Authority funding for residential rehab almost impossible to get and centres being closed, the Help Me Stop Dayhab programme provides a highly effective intensive face to face and online drug and alcohol treatment service. And starting at just £23 an hour the cost makes recovery affordable to most.

A proven treatment model at a realistic price

Tried and tested in the US, Dayhab is not only affordable, its success rates are as high, if not higher than residential . Our flexible programme fits around daily life; we’re open early mornings, during the day and late evenings. Treatment programmes are also available online in the morning and evenings so recovery can run alongside work, study or family commitments.

Our programme draws on the National Institute of Clinical Excellence guidelines and makes use of other evidence-based practises such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

The 12-step approach is a part of our programme and, in following this model, all clients will be expected to attend meetings outside of the programme. Some clients and professionals may have a preconceived idea of this approach and some of the terminology used. But, by reducing these common misconceptions, we give our client group a solid base on which to build a sustainable, abstinent life. Many of our therapists are in 12-step recovery and act as guides and give inspiration to our clients. 

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The Help Me Stop model

At Help Me Stop, our therapeutic philosophy would be best described as integrative. As well as providing clients with one-to-one work and a family programme, we place them in several different types of group.

We’re able to take up to 30 clients at each Help Me Stop centre, so immediate admission can almost always be guaranteed. All clients are tested for drugs and alcohol on their first day and then randomly each week throughout the programme including the aftercare stage.

Our therapists are all experienced BACP, UKCP or other affiliated professionals in the field of addiction. Many of them have worked in UK and international residential treatment centres, and on day programmes, as well as maintaining their own private practices. They are all registered with the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals and must comply with our own, and their own professional body’s, rigid policies on clinical supervision.

Accepting referrals

We accept referrals from a range of sources including:

  • Therapists
  • Other treatment facilities
  • GPs
  • Psychiatrists
  • Health and Social Care teams
  • Liver specialists
  • Nutritionists

We take referrals of all types, from those with mild alcohol or drug problems to people who’ve struggled in other treatment programmes or with different approaches.

However, we are not a secure, residential or psychiatric service and may not be able to meet the needs of clients with a complex dual diagnosis. In those cases, we are happy to discuss their presentation in case we can help.

We do not provide any form of medical detox although we are happy to refer on for this. We will deliver the post-detox treatment and be part of a detox package of appropriate. As an abstinence-based service, however, we do require all our clients to be abstinent from both non-prescribed drugs and alcohol whilst on our programme.

Teamwork and collaboration

When you refer a client to us, our primary therapists will set up a weekly conference call with you, or update you by email, to ensure continuity of care during and after treatment. 

Referral from a healthcare professional isn’t mandatory, but if you have recommended us to your client and would like to be involved in their care, please let us know. We can then inform you, assuming they have given permission, when they have started on our programme.


Help Me Stop provides a 90-minute continuous weekly aftercare group for clients completing either our face to face or online service. Alcohol and drug testing is also included as part of all of our aftercare sessions if desired. Aftercare should be seen a continuation of treatment as evidence indicates that the first 60 days after completing a treatment programme is when relapse is most likely. With his mind we provide free aftercare for up to 3 months from when a client completes the main programme. Drug and alcohol testing is included in this package if desired.

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Although it’s personal difficulties that bring people into treatment, the whole family system is almost always affected. The importance of family involvement in treatment cannot be overstated. Support from family members not only increases the likelihood of successful treatment, it can even prevent relapses. Although individual family members are concerned about the person they care about with the drug or alcohol problem they also have their own needs, goals, and issues. Our family programme establishes a mutually supportive environment and gives families the tools to restore functional family dynamics and deal with these issues. With his mind we provide a family programme of 8 weekly 90-minute sessions.

An ethical provider

Playing a part in someone’s recovery from alcohol and drug problems is a privilege and a responsibility. We take our role very seriously and we’re committed to the well-being of our clients and their families. For that reason, we do not offer or accept any inducements for taking clients from professionals, organisations or individuals.

If you know someone, or have someone in your care who would benefit from our programme, please get in touch.