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Central London Rehab

4 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1DF

Help Me Stop operate from a central London flagship treatment clinic. This new location is the central headquarters for the organisation’s offices and a fully functional Dayhab facility for up to 30 clients. Located in the heart of Fitrovia, London on the junction of Percy St and next to the Charlotte Street Hotel.
percy street - help me stop - addiction treatment centre

We're accessible & affordable.

help me stop west london interior
help me stop white meeting room west london

Help Me Stop is a rehab centre offering help with addiction and alcoholism. We offer compassionate, caring and judgment free rehab services to help you get back on track and free from drugs and alcohol. 

We know that there are many reasons why you may have fallen into addiction and we are not here to judge. We are here to listen, and to give you the support that you need in a practical way. 

Our programme is centred around Dayhab, which is a non-residential approach to rehabilitation. This means that there is more flexibility and freedom in the approach and the programme, to really make it work for you. 

The four week Dayhab programme has a range of group sessions, workshops, assignments and one to one counselling once a week at our Central London location. This location is easy access from all over London and Greater London and we also offer a morning and afternoon programme. Help Me Stop has designed its programme to fit around your daily life and we encourage you to get the support you need with as little disruption to ‘normal living’ as possible.

Dayhab is designed with you and your life in mind. We know that you have a life to lead and other commitments too, so rather than a residential approach whereby you stay in a supported facility, you visit us for the morning or afternoon and then continue with work or family commitments. 

After completion of the four week programme and you have a foundation in your personal recovery, we offer twelve months of aftercare, to give you ongoing support and to help with any questions or queries in that crucial period of early sobriety. 

While we focus on helping you with your addiction and alcoholism, we also have family groups for relatives or friends who may need support around how they have been affected and the skills in how best to communicate with their loved one. Our qualified professional addiction therapists are here to help with counselling for relatives and friends, to work on connection and communication and help to rebuild relationships. 

Our programme has an outline but it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We will work with you to overcome your addiction and to develop an ongoing recovery plan to help you build the skills to go forward in your life. 

Most of the team here at Help Me Stop have their own personal stories and experiences with addiction, having overcome drug and alcohol related issues themselves. This means that they can approach the programme from a place of knowledge and experience, offering compassionate and practical support that will resonate with those suffering. 

There are a range of ways that our Dayhab programmes can help, with a range of tools at our disposal to help you or a loved one cope with addiction. We combine Integrative Psychotherapy, Motivational Enhancement, an Intro to the 12-Steps and Person-Centred Therapies. We work with each individual to build a programme of recovery and craft programmes and techniques that will best help them move forward in a life free from any drugs or alcohol. 

Dayhab is hugely successful, and because you will not be closed off from the outside world for six weeks, you will get the chance to integrate the things you have learned with us in the real world from the offset. We will be able to work through any challenges together over the six weeks, and we will be here beyond that to support you. 

While our Central London location is very convenient for many, we know that it isn’t accessible to everyone. We offer an online Digital Dayhab option for those unable to commute in or who live outside the country. You can work through the programme online with us, benefiting from one to one support and group sessions in much the same way the in person programme works.

If you would like to find out more about Help Me Stop, and how we can help with drug and alcohol addiction here in London, get in touch for a confidential conversation. 

If you have any questions, please call us.