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‘I Have My Life Back’: Dave’s Experience of Alcohol Treatment and Alcohol Recovery

Help Me Stop alcohol treatment

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We’re sharing Dave’s feedback on alcohol treatment at Help Me Stop today, with grateful thanks to Dave for his permission. Dave came to Help Me Stop Dayhab in June 2021 for intensive alcohol treatment in our six-week programme. Like many people in this country who are described as ‘functioning alcoholics’, Dave had a successful career, a family and good friends. However, he reached what he describes as a ‘downward spiral’ in alcohol addiction, ‘virtually at rock bottom’. Dave took the decision to seek out help for addiction, supported by his partner. Watch and read Dave’s experience of alcohol treatment and the great strides he has made in his alcohol recovery.

Dave’s experience of alcohol treatment at Help Me Stop

Speaking at the launch event of Help Me Stop’s second Dayhab in Fitzrovia, London, Dave talks about the impact of alcohol treatment on him and his family.

‘I’m Dave. I met Help Me Stop in June this year, 2021, when I was virtually at rock bottom. I didn’t know it would work. I didn’t realise how it could work. I couldn’t understand why it work. I found it affordable – I did question it but I’m Scottish – and the cost, my partner pointed out to me, it’s the rest of my life and I wouldn’t have one if I didn’t do it. I found it fantastic. It saved my life. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Help Me Stop. I was at rock bottom and I was heading down. It was a downward spiral and going nowhere. I didn’t see any other way out than stopping altogether. It can’t be done on my own. No one but no one has ever stopped on their own, cured themselves.

‘The Help Me Stop programme has worked and it’s worked for me. I would totally endorse it. I have endorsed it to friends, who I’ve met and they have asked me, ‘why are you looking well?’ I’ve gave up drink, I’ve stopped drinking, it was my poison – and it was a poison for me. And for that I am eternally grateful. I’ve a family up and down the country, mother, father and sisters all over Britain, who are grateful and well aware of my programme and totally thankful I now have my life back.’

‘I’ve gone from strength to strength’: Dave’s alcohol recovery

‘Life has changed totally since Help Me Stop. I appreciate everything it’s done for me, my partner does, my family does.’

Speaking at the Help Me Stop launch event, Dave spoke more about his experience.

‘Like most Scots, I think we invented everything and I thought we invented alcoholism. I was at rock bottom and like any love story, I found Help Me Stop and Help Me Stop found me right at the same time. I didn’t think it would work. All through my past career of 30 years’ service, I wanted to know how things work – but I still don’t understand totally how it worked, but it did and it does work. I’m here now. I feel great. I’ve got two youngsters to look after and get to school and I love it.

‘Life has changed totally since Help Me Stop. I appreciate everything it’s done for me, my partner does, my family does. I’m proud of it. I’m proud to say where I’ve come from. It’s not something I’ve done on the back burner. If I had a T-shirt that said ‘Help Me Stop’, I would wear it. I’ve gone from strength to strength. My partner has photographs of me when I was at rock bottom, unshaven, unwashed, just crawled off a park bench. She just keeps them as a slight reminder every now and again. I don’t need them. I’ve just thoughts and memories of the programme, the fellowship and where I am now – and for that I would like to thank Help Me Stop. I’m just one of many examples of what’s possible here.’

Confidential Alcohol Treatment at Help Me Stop

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