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Treatment doesn't stop when you leave us.

We provide ongoing aftercare service which includes a 90-minute weekly aftercare group and alcohol and drug testing if desired. This means whether you are struggling with cocaine addiction, alcohol abuse or any other drug addiction, you will continue to get the support you need.

Aftercare should be seen as a continuation of treatment as evidence indicates that the first 60 days after completing a treatment programme is when relapse is most likely. With this in mind, we provide free aftercare for all our clients that complete any of the core programmes for up to 12 months post completion.

  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles, activities and relationship choices
  • Reinforcing the skills learned for coping with stress, anxiety, cravings
  • Reinforcing the identification of triggers and preventing relapse
  • Giving access to peer support and advice
  • Supporting recovery with continued drug and alcohol testing


Ongoing alcohol and drug testing

Drug and alcohol testing should be seen as a tool for supporting recovery. It a component of all of the programmes that Help Me Stop provides but is also available as a standalone service for people that have completed Help Me Stops programmes that do not go onto aftercare or for people that want to continue with testing when they have completed the aftercare programme.

It is also a service available to clients that have not attended Help Me Stops programmes.

Testing can be done at Help Me Stop centres or in a client’s home.

Testing can be bought in 4-week packages, which consist of 4 weekly tests at a cost of £100


Phone in Family and Friends Advice

Family and friends are welcome to phone in and get free advice about the issues they are facing with someone’s drug or alcohol use.

If you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, or know someone who does, please get in touch for free, confidential advice.