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Alcohol and Drug Detox

Many clients who come to us for alcohol rehab or drug rehab also need an alcohol detox or drug detox. A detox is a medically-assisted process that supports clients to withdraw safely from alcohol and/or drugs, with clinical supervision from CQC-registered doctors. 

At Help Me Stop, we provide detox and rehab support to adults, aged 18 and above. Most alcohol detox and drug detox programmes can be managed within the community, with you living at home whilst going through a prescribed and managed detox protocol. This is subject to inclusion and exclusion criteria, to ensure your safety and comfort during your detox. If a residential detox is required or preferred, Help Me Stop can also arrange this for you, and pricing will be provided to you promptly as part of your confidential assessment with us. If you’re ready to make a start, then typically we can arrange your detox and rehab programme within 24 to 72 hours of your assessment with us.

What is an alcohol detox or drug detox? 

A medically-assisted alcohol detox or drug detox is a process whereby your body is weaned off alcohol or drugs, with prescribed medication to prevent you experiencing unpleasant or dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Detox programmes can be carried out at home or within a residential setting, and should always be prescribed and monitored by a medical professional.

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We are a team of addiction specialists, with all of us having personal experience of addiction recovery. We are here to offer help and support to those who need it. If your not sure if you need a detox, get in touch and we can help.

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Why is it important to detox from alcohol or drugs?

Some people become physically dependent on alcohol and drugs to the extent they have physical withdrawal symptoms when they suddenly stop drinking or using. These effects of withdrawal vary in severity, depending on many factors including the substance use, co-existing health conditions, gender, body weight and more. In some cases, drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be severe and even life-threatening, if they are not medically managed. If you fall into this category, you will need a medical detox to stop drinking or taking drugs safely. During your assessment process we will decide whether detox is needed, and if it is, what type would suit you best.  Our detox programme can support you today.

Alcohol detox 

Detoxing from alcohol can be a daunting process, but we are here to guide your process and recommend a safe and supported programme. If you’re unsure whether or not you need to detox from alcohol before you start your psychological rehab programme, then get in touch and we will be able to help. With alcohol, typically if you’re drinking 10 or more units per day (women), or 15 or more units per day (men), then you will have some degree of physical dependence to alcohol. A medically-assisted detox is a short course of medication, overseen by a doctor, that will allow you to stop drinking safely with minimal or no unpleasant side effects.

Drug detox

We also offer drug detox programmes, and again we are here to support you in knowing whether or not a detox is necessary for you before you begin your psychological rehab treatment. With drugs, if you are a regular user of opiates or opioid medications, or you use benzodiazepines, you will need to be assessed individually for a drug detox. We can also support you to stop heavy cocaine use, as well as drugs like MDMA, ketamine and cannabis, though typically these drugs are not physically addictive. The length of your drug detox will vary, depending on the substances being used.

Different types of detox

Home detox programmes are available, authorised by medical professionals and with clear guidance on how to carry them out safely. At Help Me Stop, we offer a home detox programme for our clients who need it, before they commence our six week face-to-face or online rehab programme. Most clients are able to start our intensive rehab programme that treats the psychological dependence on day three or four of their detox process. This ensures you have the optimum level of support you need around you, to go through your detox and get the specialist therapy you need to stay stopped. 

In some cases, residential detox programmes will be more appropriate, and we can guide you as to which will be best for you in your confidential assessment. We don’t charge for this assessment, so it’s a good way to find out your options, including the costs of detox and rehab. If you choose or need a residential detox programme, we can recommend rehabs  to you, who we work very closely with and know they provide a well-managed detox process. You can then join the Help Me Stop intensive Dayhab programme, once you’ve completed your detox.

An alcohol detox or drug detox on its own is not a complete treatment package for addiction. Evidence shows that, on its own, a physical detox has no positive effect on long-term sobriety or abstinence. For this reason, Help Me Stop does not offer detox by itself. We only offer detox when it’s clinically required, and in combination with our six-week rehab programme. Our aim is to give you the best possible chance to complete your journey from detox into treatment and long-term, sustainable recovery.

Choosing a detox London provider 

Choosing a detox centre and programme is a huge step in your recovery process. Whether you are looking for alcohol detox or drug detox programmes, Help Me Stop is here to help. The most important thing is that you feel safe and supported, and that when you are assessed with us, you share as much information with us as possible. We guide you through the assessment process, and we will do everything we can to support you so that you can make the right decision about your treatment for addiction.

If you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, or you know someone who does, call us today for a free confidential assessment to discuss treatment needs, and to see how we can help you stop drinking or taking drugs.

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