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Does Online Rehab Work?

In this section we will look at online rehab with Help Me Stop and see if it works.

We will look into some of the statistics about the programme and what Digital Dayhab involves. To enquire in confidence about Online Rehab, please call 0208 191 9191 or contact us here.

Since its inception, Help Me Stop’s Digital Dayhab programme has helped hundreds of addicts including alcoholics find a solution to their problematic drinking/ alcohol addiction and/or drug use. Our Online Rehab works and it works because we have learnt that the connection that is needed to heal is possible via the Internet. The group dynamic that forms in treatment of this kind is central to the process of addiction recovery. With the nature of the world today, we are always working to stay with technological advancements and the increased remote working culture.

The Help Me Stop programme is a mix of integrative psychotherapy, group work, assignments and personal counseling, with the same addiction focused therapist for the duration of six weeks. During the six weeks of Help Me Stop’s Online Rehab programme, the peer group that forms fosters bonds that are nurtured long after Digital Dayhab has concluded. After completing treatment, many clients continue to meet weekly for the following twelve weeks in free aftercare sessions , and even arrange meetups in various cities across the country.

Listen to Lucy speak about her graduation from our Online Rehab

How Much is Online Rehab?

Help Me Stop’s Digital Dayhab programme costs £2,400 (inc VAT) for six weeks, which include an additional 12 weeks of aftercare on completion. 

When you put that in context with residential rehab, which can cost upwards of £3000 per week, it makes rehab accessible to people who normally would be unable to afford it.

Our experience shows that even those with access to the funds, still choose us over the much more expensive options available.

The process of joining our programme is shown below in 5 simple steps:

  1. Booking in and attending a free pre-admission assessment
  2. Discussion with the clinical team to identify any potential risks to engagement
  3. Confirmation of start date and contract issued
  4. Cleared funds received and induction/ therapist meeting arranged
  5. Link emailed to first session in preferred morning or evening stream

It really is that simple. The way we have structured Online Rehab means that clients can join at any time, with existing clients serving as mentor support to the newer ones.

This rolling admissions style allows us to have very quick start times, always ensuring there are a minimum of three clients and maximum of ten clients in each group.

The two streams are AM (Morning) Digital Dayhab 9:15-11:30 or PM (Evening) Digital Dayhab 18:15-20:30.

For more information on pricing and costs, see Our Prices. Please read our blog on ‘The Real Cost of Rehab’ for the hidden costs of residential rehab.

Our completion rates are way above average with at least 85% of clients who enrol completing the six weeks online rehab. We find ongoing recovery/sobriety is higher for those who stay on to attend their free aftercare sessions with us, and have a firm grounding in their 12 step groups (AA, NA, CA, etc.)

In summary, does online rehab work? Yes it works, if you work it and apply yourself to the programme and make it the most important thing moving forward. There is no quick fix to alcoholism or drug addiction. The best way to ensure ongoing recovery is a daily programme that begins at Help Me Stop and is reinforced for 12 weeks in aftercare. We offer the most affordable, accessible and intensive online rehab programme in the UK  To answer the question, ‘how much is rehab?’, it is £2,400 for 6 weeks of groups, workshops, assignments and an hour a week with the same addiction focused counsellor for the duration of Digital Dayhab, with 12 weeks of aftercare on completion of the main programme.

Get in touch with us today to book your free assessment. We can do this over Zoom or, if you prefer, you can come into one of our London Dayhabs. The assessment takes around an hour (or as long as you need). We will guide you through the process, then you can make your informed decision about whether Online Rehab is for you.