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Gideon’s Addiction Recovery: ‘You Have Nothing Lose in Giving This A Go’

Gideon in Treatment for Addiction

‘My Addiction Pushed my Life into Ruin’

‘My name is Gideon and I’m an addict, something I never thought I’d be saying or even thinking every day. I’m 21 years old and somehow before I had entered the Help Me Stop programme, my addiction had pushed my life into ruin – emotionally, physically and financially. I was desperate.’

Gideon sought out treatment with Help Me Stop for ketamine addiction, cocaine addiction and alcohol addiction, achieving abstinence-based recovery and learning the skills to stay stopped on our Digital Dayhab programme.

‘Help Me Stop gave me the chance that I needed to start life anew. Through working hard and listening to the suggestions things really did change and I can’t believe how drastically the tables have turned in the last nine weeks. I even took the three-week extension, despite being reluctant to do so. Within a few days of the extension, I hit what felt like a psychic change. I couldn’t get enough of being a recovering addict!

Help with Addiction that Fits around You

Gideon completed the Help Me Stop Digital Dayhab programme, which offers six weeks of intensive addiction treatment online. Our prices for Digital Dayhab and our Dayhab programme in London allow ordinary working people to access treatment quickly and affordably. The Digital Dayhab programme is designed to fit with work and family commitments, meaning there are no barriers to getting started with us.

Gideon says, ‘If you feel like you’re at the end of your capacity to continue ignoring life and ignoring the way drink and/or drugs could be holding you back, I could not recommend this programme more. If you feel you have already lost everything, you have nothing to lose in giving this a go. The team of therapists are lovely and supportive. They will guide you through the difficulties and tell you what you need to hear (not always what you want to hear). Thank you Help Me Stop.’

Contact us today to talk in confidence about addiction treatment. We’re on 0208 191 9191, you can send us a message via live chat or fill out our contact form and we’ll call you back.