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Online Rehab

Here at Help Me Stop, we believe that treatment for problematic alcohol and drug use should be available to you wherever you are, at the most affordable price. That is why we launched the UK’s first online rehab programme in 2020. Call +44(0)208 191 9191, speak to us directly on Live Chat, or contact us here to speak in confidence about our pioneering addiction treatment programme online.

The Help Me Stop Online Rehab programme has been running for over three years, treating clients for drug addiction and alcohol addiction. We offer online sessions in the mornings or the evenings. You choose which stream works the best for you, to fit around your work, family and other commitments. You can build this treatment and recovery programme into your everyday life. As it is online, you don’t even have to be in the UK – we have clients logging in from all over Europe, South Africa and the Middle East, for example. We enjoy a high success rate, with over 85% of clients completing the programme in recovery from their addiction.

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What is Rehab?

Rehab is a safe space with intensive therapy and peer support, to recover from addiction and build back your life. We offer Dayhab services, which mean that they are non-residential treatment programmes. By offering them online as well as in person, they are more accessible and affordable for our clients. 

Online Rehab

Online rehab is an alternative to in-person treatments, with no compromise on the quality of the addiction treatment programme.  We have seen phenomenal results from our clients so far. If you choose to join our online rehab, we will work with you  to personalise the treatment experience  because we appreciate that everyone is different.

Our widely successful drug and alcohol addiction treatment methods are delivered by an expert team of addiction counsellors and psychotherapists, who specialise in a wide array of recovery techniques. Our sessions are delivered as online group therapy, interactive lectures, mindfulness sessions and one-to-one psychotherapy. We tailor our approach to deal with the underlying reasons for your drug or alcohol use.

Call 0208 191 9191, message us on Live Chat, or email

Online Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment


£2,400 (inc VAT)/ 6 weeks online + aftercare (online)

Equivalent to £26.22 per hour

No commuting
Accessible from home or work
Accessible from the UK, Europe & other close time zones
Confidential, secure, intensive and effective
Duration: 6 weeks
Morning or evening streams (9.15am to 11.30am or 6.15pm to 8.30pm)
Group sessions: 10 groups per week, Mon to Fri
One-to-one therapy: once a week, Mon to Fri
Interactive lectures, mindfulness and behaviour change
Individualised treatment plans and assignments
Remote drug and alcohol testing on request
12 weeks of aftercare (on completion)
Option for up to two relatives and close friends to join our family programme (£35 per session)

We also offer additional online treatment services as part of our programmes and work with individuals.

Our family programme delivers weekly groups at £35.00 per person per session to the  relatives of clients on our online addictions programme. This can be a great addition in building or repairing relationships, including when trust and communication have broken down in the past.

We have a Dayhab clinic in Central London that is easily accessible but we know that online may suit you better. Whatever your reason for wanting to explore online rehab, we will be there for you every step of the way.

To speak to one of our drug and alcohol treatment advisors about your situation, please contact us today. You can call 0208 191 9191, email or use the Live Chat function at the bottom of your browser. Your enquiry is confidential. 

Digital Dayhab Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment rehab
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“I loved my time at Help Me Stop. I came in a broken man and they helped put me back together. I've never managed to stay sober for any decent amount of time. With their help, I feel that I am now on the road to long term recovery. Really friendly and knowledgeable therapists..”

Tony Digital Dayhab: Jun 21

Effectiveness of Digital Dayhab – Does Online Treatment Work?

Absolutely. A recent study by a group at Yale University, USA, assessed 137 people struggling with problematic drug and alcohol use. 67% of the participants who completed the web-based programme no longer met the diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder. 

Help Me Stop offers this effective online rehab to people in the UK. We have experts ready to provide top quality treatment to you wherever you are. This includes help for people using alcohol or drugs like cocaine, ketamine, G, prescribed drugs, heroin or cannabis.

Getting help for alcohol or drug addiction takes courage and sometimes attending a service in person can be a block. Online rehab removes this. You access the service from home – or from wherever you have enough privacy. Connecting to sessions is easy, just a few clicks and you’re in.

Our online rehab programme features expert therapist-led group sessions, where you can discuss your feelings and experiences with your therapist and with peers. You will take part in a number of topic-related groups on a range of issues, plus have two weekly individual sessions between you and your therapist. Each of our clients receives an individualised treatment plan that sets out the goals you’ll be working on during treatment.

Drug and alcohol testing is also part of our online rehab. If you request this service, we can provide remote testing.


Is Online Rehab Secure?

We are committed to keeping your information secure.

We understand that this may be a concern and so we are here to put your mind at rest. Rehab, in whatever form it is in, is an incredibly personal process and a courageous step to improving your life and your future. We will do everything in our power to maintain discretion, confidentiality, and the secure processing and keeping of data. 

Help Me Stop keeps therapy sessions secure. The platforms we use are General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. This is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas.