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How Effective Is Online Rehab?

Is online drug and alcohol treatment effective?

In this section, you will find information about whether or not alcohol and drug treatment is effective online. We will look at what it means to be effective in terms of online rehab for help with addiction problems, and hear from graduates from Help Me Stop’s ‘Digital Dayhab’ programme.

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Let us first define what is effective in the context of treatment. According to a leading medical journal, “Basically, effectiveness is the likelihood that a certain treatment protocol will benefit patients in a certain clinical population when administered in clinical practice.” A simpler definition is the degree to which something is successful in producing a desired result or success. The meaning of success will vary depending on the individual, although for people entering recovery there are some things we can agree on.

  1. Completing the online rehab or ‘Digital Dayhab’ programme
  2. Maintaining sobriety or abstinence from all drugs including alcohol
  3. Continuing to stay stopped with an ongoing recovery plan

Let’s look at the completion rates of our online programme which is higher than 95% in terms of those who have enrolled on the online rehab. We have graduated over a hundred clients since March 2020 on ‘Digital Dayhab’. Here is what a recent graduate had to say about his experience, from Danny’s Addiction Recovery:

Help Me Stop, did the trick for me. I arrived an exhausted, depressed, broken cynic and left an invigorated person. I walked away from AA, therapists and residential rehab centres in the past. No-one left the Help Me Stop programme while I was there.”

Digital Dayhab delivers an effective and intensive solution to dealing with alcohol and drug problems. The flexibility of being able to recover in the comfort of your own home, with no time spent commuting, has meant that people who may have never had the opportunity to experience a life free from drugs and alcohol can now also recover to live full and content lives.

A year after attending Help Me Stop, Joanna (not her real name) is still sober and living a healthier lifestyle without any alcohol and new ways to cope with life’s challenges.

We’re here if you’d like to talk about how you or a loved one are struggling with drugs and alcohol. Please feel free to reach out by calling 0208 191 9191 or by using our contact form.