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Southampton, Hampshire Rehab

Reaching out for help with alcohol addiction or drug addiction is often the biggest step you will take on the road to your recovery. Knowing where to turn, however, can feel daunting, but at Help Me Stop, we are here to help you with specialist treatment to take control of your life and overcome your addiction. 

We offer a non-residential rehab service across London, Winchester, and online, to support our clients with both drug and alcohol addiction, through a treatment plan that is tailored for you, and works around your commitments.

If you’re not familiar with rehab, is it a therapeutic programme designed to help you break free from addiction. There are two main types of rehab; residential and non-residential. 

With residential programmes, you will spend the time of your programme at a facility, including staying overnight. This means that it can be costly and you have to take time away from work and family commitments for your treatment. While this can be beneficial, a lot of people find that non-residential rehab is a more suitable option for them. It means that the cost is much more affordable, and also that rehab can be worked around existing life commitments. 

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Who is rehab for?

Rehab is for anyone who feels that they are suffering with addiction to alcohol and/or drugs. Often we have an image in our heads of what addiction looks like, when really this is rarely the case. Addiction can take hold of anyone, and a lot of our clients function well in work and at home, without their loved ones or colleagues knowing that they are facing significant difficulties.. 

We offer both drug and alcohol rehab for our clients, in person and online. We are happy to discuss the right programme for you or your loved one. Please get in touch in confidence to talk about treatment for addiction.

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Rehab Southampton 

We have a Winchester centre, two London centres, and an online rehab programme. Our face-to-face rehab locations are easily accessible via public transport, and our online programme can be accessed from anywhere in the world. We are committed to helping our clients find a solution that works for them and their lives, so we have built our programmes to be the most accessible and flexible rehab in the UK. 

Alcohol rehab Southampton

Our alcohol rehab programme is designed to help a variety of people. You may not even identify with the word ‘alcoholic’, and it isn’t one that we tend to use. We help anyone who feels that their relationship with alcohol has become problematic, or grown towards dependency, and we have a team of experienced staff who are ready to help you recover for good.. 

Drug rehab Southampton

We also offer drug addiction treatment programmes in Hampshire, London, and online. Again, we offer our services to adults from all walks of life, typically working people, parents and carers, and others who are trying to function with a drug problem. We know that drug addiction can look different for everyone. For some it may be recreational use that has become too frequent, and for others it may be wishing the week away and waiting for the weekend to use again. Whichever camp you fall into, we are committed to helping you stop, and to help you find your way into long term recovery.

Help Me Stop 

Our treatment programmes are based in abstinence.  Our approach centres around integrative psychotherapy, which blends a number of evidence-based therapies, including the 12 step approach to addiction treatment, person-centred therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, family therapy, art therapy, recovery workshops, mindfulness, and more. We work mainly in group sessions, and every client also has a one-to-one counselling session each week with their focal counsellor. 

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you stop taking drugs or drinking alcohol, our team is ready to talk. You can request to speak to us in confidence, and we are more than happy to help you find the route that’s right for you. We offer a no-obligation treatment assessment, so you can make your mind up about whether you want to join our rehab programme. We also have many resources we can share, and we will be happy to discuss anything you’re going through. 

You can call us on +44 (0)208 191 9191, or email us on

Together, we will help you stop.

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