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Putney, London Rehab

Asking for help with drug and alcohol addiction is a big step, and talking to someone can feel like the most difficult part. We are here to listen, and to help you find specialist support to recover from your addiction. Find out more on this page about rehab in Putney, and get in touch with the team to find out more. 

What is rehab?

Rehab for addiction is intensive therapy to help people stop drinking or taking drugs, and stay stopped. Our treatment programmes offer a safe space for recovery, and a chance to discover the skills and tools you need to rebuild your life. Residential rehab means you stay at a facility for the duration of your treatment, but we offer a much more affordable option, non residential rehab. This is where you visit our site or participate in our online programme for your treatment, integrating rehab into your daily routine. 


Dayhab is a type of non residential rehab, and at Help Me Stop, we have plenty of clients who work, who are parents, and who have other commitments that need to be attended to, alongside getting the specialist treatment they need and deserve.

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Drug rehab Putney

We offer drug rehab in Putney for those seeking help with their addictions. We know there are so many different reasons which may have led you to drugs, and we are not here to judge, we are here to help you find the road to recovery, and to help you break free from harmful addictions.

Drug addiction presents in many different ways, but we support clients wherever you’re at . Recognising you need help is the biggest step, and we are here to help you establish and sustain your recovery.

Alcohol rehab Putney

We also offer alcohol addiction rehab in Putney. Again, there is no one face of alcohol addiction and we know that there are countless reasons why alcohol addiction may have taken hold of you. We have a variety of treatment approaches within our programme, all evidence-based. Our intensive rehab programme will help you start a new life, away from alcohol.

Help Me Stop

Help Me Stop offers non residential rehab in the form of Dayhab. Our clients come to us for non residential rehab treatment, and we have sites in London and Winchester, and an online rehab offering. We are committed to helping our clients find their path away from addiction, and to find their way to recovery in a way that works for them. 

Our treatment programme centres around integrative psychotherapy, which blends a number of evidence-based therapies, including the 12 step approach to addiction treatment, person-centred therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, family therapy, art therapy, recovery workshops, mindfulness, and more. We work mainly in group sessions, and every client also has a one-to-one counselling session each week with their focal counsellor. 

We always tailor our approach to every individual client, working with you to make sure you are supported fully.  Our goal is to equip you with the skills, knowledge, motivation, and tools you need to create and sustain your new life in recovery. We also offer three months of free aftercare with every treatment programme, to make sure clients have everything they need when they exit the programme too.

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Putney rehab

We have successful face-to-face services in London and Winchester and an online offering too, with the goal of making rehab more accessible and more affordable to all adults who need it. 

You are welcome to get in touch to find out more about any of our locations or our programme that we put together. You can get in touch with us for a confidential conversation by calling 0208 191 9191 for London, and 01962 217 090 for Winchester. You can also get in touch with us via email if you would prefer. Our email address is We are here to listen, and we are here to help you stop.

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