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Kensington, London Rehab

Getting the help you need for problem drinking or drug-taking, or when it’s progressed to drug or alcohol addiction, is the first step into your recovery and new way of life. Whether you can feel things spiralling, or you want to take action to address harmful alcohol or drug use before it becomes a full blown addiction, we are here to support you to make effective and sustainable change.

What is Rehab?

Rehab is a course of treatment designed to help people recover from problem drinking or drug use, and from drug or alcohol addiction. There are different types of drug and alcohol rehab available, and different programmes to suit different healthcare needs and life circumstances. At Help Me Stop, we offer an alcohol and drug treatment service called Dayhab, which is designed as a non-residential, intensive programme  for our clients, available face-to-face to people right across London and in surrounding areas, across Hampshire, and as an online rehab programme too.

Is rehab right for me?

If you are seeking help and recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, then rehab could be the answer. There are some free support services available, which you can view here, but these do vary from area to area, and some of these are non-professional peer support options.

Drug and alcohol rehab is designed for anyone who is seeking help to stop harmful drinking or drug use. Addiction affects people in different ways, and it is a very personal decision as to when it is time to get help. You don’t need to wait until everything has fallen apart in your life to seek help. Many people we work with at Help Me Stop still have jobs or clients, families they support, and in some ways they are functioning in active addiction. However, we ask people to look at what’s going on for them on the inside, not the outside. 

Ask yourself how does drinking and drug-taking make you feel – before, during and after using. Even if you are still holding down their job, meeting family commitments, and participating with life, if you feel like your health and wellbeing is suffering, please get in touch. 

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Alcohol Rehab Kensington

Traditional models of alcohol rehab can often be costly and disruptive to your life. This is why Help Me Stop created a non-residential alcohol treatment programme that is accessible and affordable. We’ve removed the most expensive costs of accommodation, 24/7 staffing and in-house catering, offering you the same level of intensive therapeutic care you would get in a traditional rehab setting. 

Alcohol addiction can be a series of thought patterns and behaviours that have compounded over time, or it can be something that is triggered by a traumatic life event. There is no one reason why people progress to harmful drinking or alcohol addiction, so we treat every client as an individual, providing personalised care. We are here to listen free from judgement and help our clients get the support they need to move onto the next chapter of their lives. We offer support with finding a safe alcohol detox, as well as intensive therapeutic treatment plans to effect psychological change.

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Drug Rehab Kensington

Drug rehab is another service that we offer at Help Me Stop, and we are committed to helping our clients find their way into recovery. We know that drug addiction does not look the same in each person affected, and so we will listen without judgement and help each Help Me Stop client find their own path and tools.

We can advise you on safe drug detox, as well as talking through the options for intensive therapeutic care to help you stay off drugs for good.

How is Help Me Stop different from traditional rehab?

Help Me Stop is a non-residential alcohol and drug rehab meaning that our clients do not stay on site with us. Not only does this make the programme more affordable, but it also makes it more accessible to those who wish to integrate rehab into their lives and existing commitments. Many of our clients still go to work and take part in family activities and engagements while they are completing their programme with us. 

Choosing a rehab programme

Choosing a rehab centre and programme is a deeply personal choice and finding one that suits you will depend on a number of different factors. From budget to accessibility, location to programme contents, there are so many things to consider. If you want to talk through the options, you can call us in confidence on 0208 191 9191 for London, and 01962 217 090 for Winchester. You can also email us at We welcome enquiries about treatment from people affected by harmful drinking or drug-taking, family members and close friends. If you’re in a crisis situation, or you need medical attention immediately, please call emergency services.

Kensington Rehab

We offer rehab near Kensington for those seeking help with both drug and alcohol addiction. Our team of experts will be on hand to help you find the right Help Me Stop programme and rehab location for you, and to answer any questions you may have. You can get in touch for a confidential conversation, and then we can take things from there. Call us or email us, or use the chat function to the side of the website.

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