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Fulham, London Rehab

Accessing rehab has not always been easy, affordable or even logistically possible. . For a long time, you may have needed both an abundance of time and money in order to get the help you need. At Help Me Stop, we offer a non-residential alcohol and drug rehab programme designed to help our clients on the road to recovery, in a very cost-effective and accessible way. 

Finding a rehab centre

Finding a rehab centre that is right for you is not a simple task. There are going to be various things to take into consideration, and you may need to do some research in order to find what you’re looking for. We offer a non-residential rehab solution in LondonHampshire, as well as an online rehab programme that is available worldwide with a computer and wifi. 

What is Dayhab?

Dayhab is the name for our non-residential rehab, and it means that our clients do not need to stay with us for the duration of their treatment. This makes rehab a lot more affordable, and means that you can integrate what you’re learning into your daily life between sessions. The majority of our clients need to retain their jobs and stay available for some or all of their family commitments, alongside their treatment programme. Help Me Stop was founded with the purpose of offering rehab in the real world, giving a balance between the essential treatment that people need and their everyday responsibilities. 

We know that the time aspect is something that is a barrier to many getting the drug or alcohol treatment they need, and so we offer part-time day programmes in our London and Winchester locations, as well as morning or evening streams in our Online Rehab. This gives you choice, at a time in life when it may feel like many choices have been taken away. 

Beyond the alcohol or drug treatment programme, we offer three months of free aftercare to make sure our clients have everything they need following the time they have spent with us.

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Alcohol Rehab Fulham

We offer alcohol rehab programmes for adults right across London and surrounding areas, and through our online rehab as well that you can access from your own home or private office. Our programmes are designed to empower our clients with the tools, knowledge and skills they need to head into the next chapter of their lives with confidence. We help them through every step of the process, in order to understand the nature of their addiction, find and maintain sobriety, as well as learning how to navigate the things that previously triggered them to drink alcohol.

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Drug Rehab Fulham

We also offer drug rehab programmes for our clients. Often, drug and alcohol addiction go hand in hand but this is not always the case. Drug addiction can be very harmful, sometimes fatal, but we see clients from all walks of life and different backgrounds who recover from apparently hopeless conditions. From recreational use and being involved in a ‘party’ scene, to those that have fallen into habitual use and other avenues too, our drug rehab programme uncovers the nature and patterns around your problematic drug use. 

There is no one face of drug addiction and it can affect anyone. We are here to help our clients on that journey and to support and encourage them to find a new life in recovery.

Help Me Stop

Help Me Stop created our Dayhab programme in order to make rehab accessible to more people. We knew that rehab was costly and time consuming, often creating a barrier to many people accessing the right treatment. Through offering a non-residential treatment programme, we are able to keep our costs low and therefore make the programmes much more affordable than residential rehab. 

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If you want to find out more about the programmes we offer, or perhaps you would like a confidential chat, we are here to listen in confidence without judgment. Most of the Help Me Stop team are in long term recovery from addiction, so we’ve been where you have been. You can call us on 0208 191 9191 for London, or 01962 217 090 for Winchester. You can also email us at or use the Live Chat on this website now. 

We are here to listen, to help, and to support you, or your loved one, to recover from alcohol or drug addiction. 

Everyone’s journey is different and that is why we are so committed to supporting every individual. Get in touch and let us help you stop.

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