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Camden, London Rehab

Seeking help with drug addiction and alcohol addiction is the first step into a new life. . If drugs or alcohol are harming your health, wellbeing, relationships, work or finances,  we know it can be daunting to seek help, especially when there are different avenues and support systems available. Help Me Stop offers non-residential alcohol and drug rehab in London, to help you get access to the support and tools you need, in an accessible and affordable way.

Drug Rehab Camden

We offer drug rehab in Camden for those looking for a clean break and a fresh start. Whether you or a loved one have spiralled into addiction, or you have noticed that your want and need for drugs has intensified, we are here to provide specialist help you get back on track. 

Many drugs are addictive by nature, whether they be illegal drugs or prescription medications. Problematic drug use, including drug addiction, can affect anybody. You may be trying to hide it from friends, or going to your day job or studies, and functioning while in active addiction. However, it may also be impacting your health, your work and your relationships. Either way, seeking help is the first step, and the biggest one too.

Alcohol Rehab Camden

Alcohol rehab is another service we offer in our non-residential Dayhab programmes. If alcohol is harming you or others, including if you’re psychologically and even physically addicted to alcohol, Help Me Stop offers detox support and intensive addiction therapy so you can stop drinking, and stay stopped. Even though alcohol is a legal substance, we know from statistics that it causes even more damage to people than drugs. 

Alcohol rehab is available to those looking to seek help for their problematic alcohol use or alcohol addiction, and to get the right course of treatment to allow them to repair and rebuild their life, work and relationships. 

We offer non-residential alcohol rehab in London, and an online programme for those further afield. This means you don’t need to leave behind your family, work or life responsibilities while you go through our programme. We have very flexible options, which fit with dropping and picking children from school, working part-time, or even working full-time. Contact us here to find out more.

Help Me Stop Counselling Service, Acton

Choosing a rehab centre

Choosing the right rehab centre for you is a personal decision, and there will be a number of factors which have to be considered. One may be the location, and we have centres in London and Hampshire to choose from, as well as an online rehab programme. Another consideration may be the cost, and we are proud to offer the most affordable non-residential rehab. Lastly, you may be thinking about working rehab around your existing commitments, and we offer this as standard. We know that rehab may be a part of your routine and your life, rather than the whole entity.  We offer daytime sessions in our face-to-face Dayhabs, as well as morning or evening sessions in our Online Rehab, so you can choose what works around your existing life commitments.

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How does rehab work?

Rehab is designed to offer you a step back into life and to the real world, with the tools you need to tackle and recover from addiction. There are different rehab programmes and different methods that work for different people, but we have created something different in the form of Dayhab. Also known as intensive outpatient treatment, it’s a tried and tested model of rehab right across America, with outcomes comparable to residential programmes, but at a much lower cost.

The difference with Dayhab 

Dayhab is a non-residential type of drug and alcohol rehabilitation that offers you the tools and skills you need on the go, while you integrate them into your life. Residential rehab can take you out of your own world, and as well as being costly; and when it’s time to leave, it can be difficult to readjust to normal life. With Dayhab, you learn whilst going through the programme how to deal with everyday challenges in life, without having to pick up a drink or drugs.  We offer you the professional support and space to work out how you feel and how you’re going to tackle life’s challenges in addiction recovery, while also giving you the freedom to continue with work life, family commitments, and anything else you might have going on.

Rehab London

If you want to find out more about our drug and alcohol rehab services in London, call Help Me Stop on 0208 191 9191 for London, or 01962 217 090 for Winchester. You can also send us an email to We can have a confidential chat and help you find the best route for you and your own recovery.

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