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What Happens In Online Rehab?

Online Rehab is a relatively new concept within the UK, and Help Me Stop is a pioneer of intensive treatment for addiction online. While it may be a newer option on the table, there are plenty of benefits to it and reasons to get on board with it. Our Online Rehab has a success rate of 85% (2020-21 statistics). If you are wondering about the process and what our online rehab programme involves, then read on and get in touch if you have any questions. 

Online rehab is a way of accessing rehab from the comfort of your own home, office, or wherever you feel able to connect from. You’ll need a private space, a laptop or desktop computer, and a wifi connection – that’s it! Making our  programme online means that it is more accessible, more attainable, and more flexible to fit around your life. We launched as a response to the pandemic, and the model has proven to be very popular.

At Help Me Stop, we have two London locations for in-person Dayhab services, but we know that it isn’t always possible to get to London. Having an online offering means that you can access our services from not only anywhere in the UK, but right across the world.

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What Happens in Online Rehab?

There are different sessions depending on what you need, but our Online Rehab follows the same programme as our non-residential Dayhab. 

To start with, we will get to know you and what you need in order to start your road to recovery. The programme will be tailored to you, using tools like the 12 step approach to addiction treatment, integrative counselling and recovery workshops, to help you understand yourself better and the world around you. 

There will be one-to-one counselling sessions to attend with your focal counsellor too, as well as group check-ins and therapy sessions so you can build a community around you of people seeking recovery. Whether you’re looking for help with alcohol or drug addiction, we will be able to offer a programme that will help you find your way in the world again. 

Our programmes are based on getting you results and designed to give you the tools to take you back into the real world. This is one of the main advantages of Online Rehab, is that you can continue with your life outside of recovery and implement what you have learned as you go.

Who is Online Rehab For?

Online Rehab is great for those looking to make a change in their life but don’t want to either invest in residential rehab or travel to London for our Dayhab services. It’s also great for people who are shorter on time, including people in employment, parents and carers. With morning and evening streams, most people find they can make our Online Rehab programme fit with their life.

Whether you are struggling with drug addiction or alcohol addiction, we can offer a programme that will work for you and your needs. 

We understand that no road to recovery is linear, and neither is the one that got you here. We work with people from all different walks of life and we are committed to helping our clients move into and sustain recovery.

If you are unsure about Online Rehab, get in touch and speak to a member of the team who will be able to help.

How Much Does Online Rehab Cost?

To find out more about the different options available, head to our pricing page. Online Rehab is significantly more affordable than residential rehab, which is known for being costly. We created an online Dayhab to make recovery more accessible for more people, with incredible results along the way.

How Do You Find Out More About Online Rehab?

You can call us on +44(0)208 191 9191 or email us on and one of the team will be in touch. We are here to speak confidentially and to help you find the best route, so even if you are unsure, we would love for you to get in touch. A lot of our team members have been through this journey themselves and so they understand what you are going through. 

Get in touch and let us help you take those next steps.