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Free Drug Use Severity Questionnaire – DUDIT

The Drug Use Disorders Identification Test (DUDIT) is an accessible screening tool for drug-related problems. The DUDIT scores your drug use and associated behaviours, to determine your current risk. Developed to complement the World Health Organisation’s Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, the DUDIT is very quick to take: it’s just 11 multiple choice questions that will show your level of physical and mental drug-related problems.

Drug addiction can be physically and/or psychologically addictive. When drug dependence sets in, the health and social impacts typically get worse over time. Specialist drug rehab and drug support help people who are addicted to stop drugs, and stay stopped.

Complete the Drug Use Disorders Identification Test (DUDIT)

It takes only a few minutes to do this test. You don’t need supervision from a healthcare professional to take the DUDIT. However, if your results show that you are taking drugs to a risky, harmful or life-threatening level, you should seek immediate support from a qualified healthcare provider. Professionals you can speak to include addiction rehab providers, addiction counsellors, or your GP.

Contact Help Me Stop on 0208 191 9191 or to book an assessment for drug treatment.

1. How often do you use drugs other than alcohol?(Required)
2. Do you use more than one type of drug on the same occasion?(Required)
3. How many times do you take drugs on a typical day when you use drugs?(Required)
4. How often do you experience drug comedowns?(Required)
5. Over the past year, how often have you decided not to use drugs but ended up using anyway?(Required)
6. Over the past year, how many times have you taken more drugs than you initially intended?(Required)
7. How often over the past year have you taken drugs and then not done something you should have done?(Required)
8. Over the past year, how often have you used drugs in the morning?(Required)
9. How often over the past year have you had guilt feelings or a bad conscience because you used drugs?(Required)
10. Have you or anyone else been mentally/physically hurt because you used drugs?(Required)
11. Has a relative or a friend, a doctor or a nurse, or anyone else, been worried about your drug use or said to you that you should stop using drugs?(Required)

Why should I take the Drug Use Disorders Identification Test (DUDIT)?

  • The DUDIT is very easy to complete – there are 11 multiple choice questions. That’s it. Discover in minutes your current risk score, from no risk right through to very high levels of physical and mental health problems.
  • It’s very discreet – this DUDIT is a confidential way of self-measuring your drug use, then making decisions about whether you want to get relevant drug help. You complete the DUDIT, then we send your results to the email address of your choice.
  • Receive guidance on relevant drug treatment and support options – depending on your DUDIT score, we will provide you with relevant information and appropriate referrals to drug help. At the low or no risk end, you’ll be able to self-monitor, but when the risk level increases, we will suggest specialist drug counselling, peer support, drug detox and/or drug rehab.
  • Complete the DUDIT as many times as you like to monitor your drug use – there’s no limit on how many times you can complete this survey. It’s a useful tool to track your drug use, to see if your risk level is increasing or decreasing over time. This can help you identify if attempts to moderate your drug use are working.
  • There is no charge for the DUDIT – whether you complete this drug use disorders test once, or multiple times, it is always free for you to use. As you familiarise yourself with it, you will see how it pinpoints the current risks of your drug use, as well as options for drug treatment and support.


What if my drug use is harming my physical or mental health?

If you take the Drug Use Disorders Identification Test and it shows you are taking drugs to a harmful or even life-threatening level, then we advise you to get in touch as soon as possible. Help Me Stop offer affordable private drug rehab and one-to-one drug counselling, face-to-face in London and Winchester, as well as worldwide via our Online Rehab. Contact us here about abstinence-based treatment for drug addiction.

Full recovery from harmful drug use is possible, including where physical and psychological addiction have set in. If you’re interested in treatment with Help Me Stop, we can assess your situation in confidence, and provide guidance on addiction rehab.

Though it can feel daunting, becoming more aware of your drug use is very important, including the impacts of drugs on your physical and mental health. If your DUDIT results show that drug treatment or support is necessary, we will suggest options.

To book an assessment for drug treatment, please call 0208 191 9191 or email in confidence. You can also speak to us via Live Chat. There is no charge for our initial assessment for drug treatment. It’s a chance for you to ask us anything you want to know. Discover more about Help Me Stop’s face-to-face Dayhabs, our Online Rehab, and our prices.

There are also drug support services available in the community, including free and low-cost options. These include drug support groups (peer support) like Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous, alcohol peer support via Alcoholics Anonymous, one-to-one drug counselling, and more.