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London Dayhab Recovery Stories

London Dayhab Recovery Stories

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Recovery is unique. There is power in sharing recovery stories. These successes inspire others. It becomes easier to see what is possible beyond addiction, by seeing what other people have achieved. Addiction can be a lonely place, and choosing recovery is a huge step. If the stories here resonate with you, get in touch for a chat in confidence. 

When we talk about recovery, we have visions of a new life and a new start. In other cases, it is about reclaiming your life, making better choices, and reconnecting with the loved ones you may have lost touch with along the way. 

Our Dayhab programme supports whatever journey and route your recovery takes. We work with the 12 step approach to addiction treatment, as well as integrative counselling, to help you achieve and sustain recovery. As an alternative to residential rehab, our programme is a fraction of the cost of traditional rehab, and yields great results. We have made rehab accessible and affordable to more people.

We have a Dayhab centre in London, as well as an online programme. Read and hear more from clients here who completed our London Dayhab programme.


Matt came to us and completed face to face Dayhab in the Summer of 2021. Firsthand experience is such an important thing to us and one of the main differentiating factors about Help Me Stop. This was the biggest thing that resonated with Matt, the fact that the staff had personal experience of addiction and recovery themselves. The three words he chose to describe the experience were; freeing, exhilarating and acceptance. 

Read more about Matt’s journey


In 2021, Dave came to us for help with alcohol addiction. As a father of a four year old daughter, he knew he needed to make a change. Through the Help Me Stop programme, Dave has been able to rebuild and reconnect with his daughter. To be there for her, to be present, that is what he is now able to do.

Read more about Dave’s story and listen to his words


Calm, able-minded, and able to tackle daily life: these three feelings come from Help Me Stop client, C who shared her experience of Help Me Stop in her 17th month of addiction recovery. She was seven months pregnant at the time, and has since given birth to a healthy baby. With an aggressive addiction, she came to us seeking help, and she said it was one of the easiest things she has done. She just had to turn up, she said, where she found incredible connection and support with others..

Read about C’s experience here

Tom in trees on addiction


At nine months’ sober, Tom reflected on his addiction and recovery, looking at how Help Me Stop helped him to regain control of his life. Drugs and alcohol slowly took the things he loved away, but now he is able to rebuild his life and relationships, with a stronger outlook and feeling sober, aware, and grateful.

Read and watch Tom’s story on life after addiction

Help Me Stop offers Dayhab programmes in London. Dayhab is a non-residential rehab that offers help and support to those who need it. It is a more affordable and accessible kind of addiction rehab, with long-lasting results that will help you navigate this new kind of life. 

If you want to find out more about our Dayhab programmes, call the team on +44(0)208 191 9191 for a confidential conversation. Alternatively, you can email us at