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Category: Rehab

Sculpture of woman head and neck in profile, eyes closed, sad, looking down

Addicted to Ketamine? What You Need to Know

Ketamine use is on the rise, and increasingly, younger adults are getting addicted to ketamine. In this article, Chris Cordell writes about the heavy price many ketamine users and their loved ones are paying.

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Alcohol is Killing Me, How Can I Stop?

Rocky McKnight, Help Me Stop Treatment Service Manager, writes about the nature of addiction, a compulsive and profoundly anti-social disorder, and how ‘pro-social’ group therapy brings about addiction recovery.

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Mother and daughter, standing next to each other, looking out to sea

Help with Alcohol for My Son or Daughter: 10 FAQs

Mums and Dads, we understand how hard it is to watch what’s happening to your loved one in addiction. Often, parents experience intense worry, sadness, frustration, anger, along with a sense of powerlessness to change what is happening. But there is hope, including effective help with alcohol addiction.

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