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Author: Help Me Stop

university building

Drugs and University

University is an exciting time for young people but it also comes with a lot of risks. Peer pressure, new surroundings and often a new-found

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sober living word on green road sign with sunset in background

Sober Summer Nights

The beer gardens are open and summer is here, so how are you going to go about those sober summer nights spent socialising? Here is

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say no to drugs paper with line of white powder on glass

The drugs don’t work

Sobriety has a life-changing impact on you.  It is only when you get sober that you can see drug use in a different light, and

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hello summer

Support over the Summer

A summer spent socialising can be a trigger for people to find and seek the support they need with both drug and alcohol addiction. More

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family of four together holding eacg other on the beach looking to the sea

It’s A Family Recovery

Sally is a successful, married mother of two in full time employment, she sought out treatment with us here at Help Me Stop for alcohol

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