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Emma’s Story – setting aside fears to find freedom

Emma (38) joined the Help Me Stop Digital Dayhab programme, the first of its kind in the UK to provide intensive online addiction treatment. She attended group and one-to-one therapy, successfully completing her treatment for alcohol addiction.

I came to Help Me Stop at rock bottom – couldn’t live with or without alcohol. In my quest to be the perfect daughter, mother, wife, colleague, friend, niece, I became so overwhelmed I could no longer breathe. Alcohol became my outlet and steadily controlled my every waking moment – driving me to cross-lines and behave in ways I never thought possible. Perfection – I was the opposite! The life that I’d worked so hard to build and protect was crumbling around me. An ultimatum brought me to recovery and enabled me to finally admit I was an addict.

Initial Reservations

I never thought I’d be able to stay the course and remain sober. I was unable to imagine a world with joy, self-love, happiness. I was sceptical of group therapy, the 12 Step programme, meditation, the list goes on.

To say my journey with Help Me Stop has changed my life would be an understatement – it’s transformed every aspect of life, but most importantly it’s enabled me to truly understand addiction, and develop close supportive bonds with other addicts, my group, my HMS family.  From the moment I spoke to the admissions team at HMS, I felt heard and understood for the first time in my life. The group sessions are immersive and create a safe space to process your feelings, cravings, shame, emotions I hadn’t allowed myself to feel for years. Combined with the support of 1:1 therapy, the whole experience has completely changed my perspective for the better, and enabled me to start to like, even love myself again.

Looking Ahead

My family, close friends and most importantly my children have noticed the difference, and my husband will be embarking on his own recovery journey soon. I am present for my children, affectionate, interested, patient, – all the character traits that make me, me but were either dulled or horribly accentuated during active addiction.

Fellowship is now a core part of my life and I am in the process of securing a sponsor to support my ongoing recovery. I learnt more in my time with Help Me Stop than I did in decades managing my mother and my own addiction. I cannot recommend the team at HMS enough for giving me my life back, one that I am grateful for and want to enjoy every second of, sober.

What is Online Rehab?

Online rehab is an alternative to in-person treatments, with no compromise on the quality of the addiction treatment programme.  We have seen phenomenal results from our clients so far. If you choose to join our online rehab, we will work with you  to personalise the treatment experience  because we appreciate that everyone is different.

Our widely successful drug and alcohol addiction treatment methods are delivered by an expert team of addiction counsellors and psychotherapists, who specialise in a wide array of recovery techniques. Our sessions are delivered as online group therapy, interactive lectures, mindfulness sessions and one-to-one psychotherapy. We tailor our approach to deal with the underlying reasons for your drug or alcohol use.

To book a confidential assessment for alcohol or drug treatment, please call 0208 191 9191 or send us a message via Live Chat.