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London Calling

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Our Central London rehab for alcohol and drug treatment is easy to access, and it was one of the reasons that we chose the building we’re in. We can be reached with ease from across London, via a variety of modes of transport. By train, tube, bike, or on foot, it might not be quite like planes, trains, and automobiles, but we’re almost there. If you’re wondering how to reach us, then here are some of the key destinations across London, and how long it will take you to arrive at our doors. 

Our Central London address is – 4 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1DF

Our Fitzrovia rehab is centrally located in a beautiful four-storey townhouse, just off Tottenham Court Road. We’re only a few minutes walk from Oxford St. Our nearest Underground stations are Tottenham Court Road (5 minutes walk), which is on the Central Line, Elizabeth Line and the Northern Line (Charing Cross Branch), or we’re just around the corner from Goodge Street (3 minutes walk), which is on the Northern Line (Charing Cross branch).

percy street - help me stop - addiction treatment centre
Help Me Stop – Percy Street

These times are estimates taken from Transport for London journey planner. If you need any additional support in finding your way to us, please reach out.

Covent Garden

A 6 minute cycle to our location, or a 16 minute walk.

London Euston Station 

A 6 minute cycle to our location, or a 22 minute walk.

London Bridge 

A 28 minute journey using the Underground.


A 9 minute cycle to our location, or a 24 minute journey using the Underground. 

Kings Cross

An 8 minute cycle to our location, or a 25 minute journey using the Underground.

Battersea Power Station 

A 28 minute journey using the Underground.


A 3 minute cycle to our location, or a 4 minute walk.

Clapham Junction 

A 37 minute journey using the Underground. 

Canary Wharf

A 26 minute journey using the Underground. 

Finsbury Park

A 30 minute cycle to our location, or a 27 minute journey using the Underground. 

Camden Town

A 13 minute cycle to our location, or a 21 minute journey using the Underground. 

Help Me Stop is a Dayhab centre in Central London, offering non-residential rehab to those seeking help with drug or alcohol addiction. We help our clients deal with their addictions, and offer hands-on and practical support to help them stop, using evidence-based therapies and tools that are designed to support abstinence long term.

Dayhab is a type of rehab which does not involve a residential stay. Being located so centrally in London means we are easily accessible for a lot of our clients, but we also offer an online rehab programme that is available to anyone with a computer, wifi and a private room.. 

Our Dayhab centre in Central London offers a space for reflection and recovery, supporting our clients to find their own path and a new life beyond addiction. Being so central means our clients can visit us with ease, and integrate their recovery into their daily lives. This is particularly important as it has been proven that non-residential rehab is as effective, if not more effective, than residential rehab. We believe that this is due to clients being able to continue with their routines and lives, without having to withdraw from all regular activities for a chunk of time. They also get to practise real world recovery skills with support from psychotherapists and peers.

Online Rehab and Rehab in London, Addition Treatment
Online Rehab

Our online programme is available across the UK and all over the world, supporting our clients with the same treatment approach as we deliver in person. The main difference is that our online programme has fewer treatment hours, though still an intensive rehab programme. Our online rehab tends to attract people who are working full time, including business owners, as well as those with significant family commitments during the week.

All our rehab programmes are rooted in integrative psychotherapy, which blends a number of evidence-based therapies, including the 12 step approach to addiction treatment, person-centred therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, family therapy, art therapy, recovery workshops, mindfulness, and more. We work mainly in group sessions, and every client also has a one-to-one counselling session each week with their focal counsellor. 

If you would like to find out more about our Central London rehab centre, or how we can help you find a programme to suit your needs, please get in touch with us for a confidential chat, and together we can Help You Stop.

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