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Damp lifestyles and why they’re trending

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The damp lifestyle is trending on TikTok, but it isn’t a trend we should follow.

The phrase ‘damp lifestyle’ is trending on TikTok, and although it is gaining a lot of momentum, we wanted to highlight that it isn’t for everyone, and that is absolutely okay. If you’re not sure what it is, or if it is something for you, this post might help you to understand your relationship with alcohol. You can also take our free alcohol use survey, to self-assess your current risks from alcohol.

What is the damp lifestyle?

The damp lifestyle refers to moderate drinking and moderating your alcohol intake, as opposed to choosing to get drunk on a regular basis.

Why is the damp lifestyle trending?

Many TikTok users are sharing their experience with choosing to drink less than they may have done previously, and sharing that they no longer choose to get drunk when they consume alcohol. The trend has gathered attention and momentum on the app with other people sharing their experiences too off the back of the trend.

Why the damp lifestyle isn’t for everyone

According to DrinkAware, over 600,000 people in the UK show signs of alcohol dependence – for a lot of these people, moderating alcohol is simply not an option. The psychological cravings to drink will often overrule their will power or the latest attempt at self-control. The damp lifestyle doesn’t take into account those people who have difficult relationships with alcohol, or are unable to stop drinking when they know they should, or those who have lost the choice about  whether they have one drink or they get drunk.

alcoholic cocktail drinks with tiktok logo on glass

Everyone has a different relationship with alcohol, some people are able to drink in moderation and stop when they have had enough, but for many, that decision isn’t easy to achieve.

There are different reasons why people may be unable to moderate their alcohol intake, and addiction is only one of them. Other reasons could be due to feeling peer pressure in their surroundings, mental health problems and other factors within their current life circumstances or environment. There is no one reason, but it does highlight that people who have trouble establishing moderation are very likely to find a damp lifestyle difficult and even harmful.

The truth is that most people who are addicted to alcohol have attempted this form of self-control around alcohol, usually dozens of times over. Sticking with beer or wine rather than spirits, only drinking at weekends, not mixing or limiting their drinks, sticking to vodka rather than whiskey, not drinking at home, only drinking at home, and on and on. Most people who are addicted reach a point where the attempt to control their drinking becomes the greatest obsession of all, and one that always feels tantalisingly close, and yet out of reach too. This is normally the point when people call us at Help Me Stop about alcohol treatment – the moment where the illusion of moderation around alcohol wears thin enough to see right through it.

How do I know if I have a problem with alcohol?

There are different ways to tell if you have a problem with alcohol abuse, addiction, or being unable to moderate. We have a free alcohol use survey online that you can use and get tailored advice to find out if you may need to seek help or a change in lifestyle with your current alcohol intake. It’s confidential, takes only a couple of minutes to complete, and you get your results on screen straight away, including tailored advice based on your score.

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Alcohol addiction help

Just because something is trending as a topic does not mean we have to partake in it. If you think you might need help with alcohol addiction, or you know that you cannot moderate your alcohol intake but also cannot give it up, it may be time to seek some help. 

We offer confidential chats and a no-obligation alcohol assessment to those who are struggling with their relationship with alcohol. If you decide to get alcohol treatment with us, typically admission can be arranged within 24-72 hours (if that is what you want). We will be able to sign post you to alcohol recovery resources and support options, to help you stop drinking for good.

About Help Me Stop

We are an alcohol and drug addiction rehab centre based in London, Winchester, and online. We offer a Dayhab programme which is a non-residential rehab programme to help our clients quit drugs and alcohol for good. We use a mix of therapies and tools such as the 12 step approach to addiction treatment, person-centred therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), in group and 1-2-1 counselling sessions, to give our clients the tools and knowledge they need to recover from addiction. 
You can find our online alcohol severity questionnaire here to help you work out what next steps you need, or you can email us on to find out more about the alcohol addiction support that is available to you. 

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