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Christmas Offer! 15% OFF Alcohol or Drug Rehab

'Let go of addiction. Claim 15% off rehab or 7 weeks' treatment for the price of 6 weeks.' Man in business suit being squeezed around the waist by large hand
  • CHRISTMAS OFFER at Help Me Stop: 15% OFF rehab or 7 weeks’ treatment for the price of 6 weeks.
  • To claim, book your alcohol or drug rehab with Help Me Stop by 23rd December 2022 and start treatment with us by 9th January 2023.
  • To enquire in confidence, contact Help Me Stop, call 0208 191 9191, or email

We’re a pioneering rehab in London, Hampshire and Online, offering ‘Dayhab’ treatment for adults with alcohol and drug problems. Help Me Stop delivers the same intensive and specialist programme you would expect in a residential rehab – at a fraction of the cost.

We recognise that some people want to start rehab straight away at this time of year, to make Christmas better than last year. Others want to make a fresh start in January. For this reason, we’ve created an offer that applies to both situations. With addiction treatment, we’d recommend getting started as soon as you can, but for those who want to start in the New Year, you can make the most of this offer too.

We have successful rehabs in London and Winchester, and our Online Rehab that is available worldwide. Please get in touch to book a confidential assessment for alcohol or drug treatment at Help Me Stop now. Take back control of your life today.

Why choose Help Me Stop?

We set up in 2019 to provide a much more accessible and affordable form of intensive rehab than traditional services. Our non-residential services, in-person and online, provide the kind of intensive programme that you get in residential rehab. The quality of therapy is on par with rehabs that you go and stay at.

What we’ve removed are the most prohibitive costs of rehab, including overnight accommodation, 24/7 staffing, in-house catering, etc. Most people don’t actually clinically require these aspects.

And by recovering in the real world, you’ll learn how to manage your real life without alcohol or drugs. This includes getting immediate professional and peer support with relapse triggers, as they occur. This improves your chances of achieving sustainable sobriety.

We welcome enquiries about treatment from adults affected by alcohol and/or drugs, family members, close friends, and professionals who wish to refer, including therapists, healthcare agencies, GPs and HR staff. All enquiries are confidential.

Book your treatment by Friday 23rd December 2022 and start by Monday 9th January 2023, to claim 15% off all our intensive 6-week rehab programmes.

Contact Help Me Stop, call 0208 191 9191, or email, to book your no-obligation, confidential assessment.

Our standard treatment terms & conditions and client rules & expectations apply to this offer.

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