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How Can I Go to Rehab? Addiction Treatment that Works

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There’s your family, your job or your business. And then, there’s intensive addiction treatment. These things can’t possibly fit together, can they? In this blog, our Online Rehab clients answer the questions we often hear. If you need alcohol or drug help, it’s available for you. Help Me Stop has designed programmes to fit with your life – yes, even for full-time working parents. Contact us here in confidence or call 0208 191 9191 to book a no-obligation, treatment assessment.

How can I go to rehab when I have kids to support?

We completely get this. It’s one of the reasons Help Me Stop was founded. If you have dependent children, you might be putting off seeking addiction treatment for alcohol or drugs. Are you worrying about who will look after your kids? Or who will pay the bills?

Help Me Stop have created an effective programme for you. It’s intensive online alcohol and drug treatment. It works well for parents and carers, including people in full-time employment who are providing financially for their kids. Depending on your work pattern, you can join our morning or evening programme online – logging in from home or a private office at work. You can carry on working throughout your time in rehab with us.

Our client, Ray, found that our evening online rehab programme fit with his work and home life.

How can I go to rehab when I’m a business owner?

You’ve spent years or even decades building up a business. But alcohol is now taking over your evenings or weekends – or more. You have contracts to deliver, suppliers or employees to pay? Where can you go for specialist, intensive rehab for addiction?

Sarah is a business owner, working full-time, and often travelling with her work. She chose our evening Online Rehab programme, and is now six months sober.

How can I go to rehab when I’m a single parent?

If you’re a single parent or carer with an alcohol or drug problem, you’re probably feeling enormous pressure to keep going. You have to be there – to get your kids up in the morning, then off to bed at night. If you have school-age children, you need to drop and pick them up. Then, there’s keeping up with their homework, social commitments, and all of the domestic responsibilities. We get it.

We’ve created a programme that works well for single parents. Clients with school-age children who don’t work, or work part-time, often choose our morning Online Rehab programme. Clients who work full-time during the day have also successfully completed our evening Online Rehab programme, with short-term childcare in place.

Louise is a single mum who completed our Online Rehab programme. She is now over 18 months free from alcohol and cocaine.

You can read more of Louise’s addiction and recovery story here and here. You can read more Online Rehab recovery stories here.

How does Online Rehab increase access to addiction treatment?

FINANCIAL: Our Online Rehab is around one tenth of the cost of average residential rehab prices. We’ve removed prohibitive costs, including accommodation, 24/7 staffing, catering, etc. Find our pricing here. It’s the most affordable, intensive rehab option in the UK.

GEOGRAPHICAL: There’s no commuting and worldwide access to our Online Rehab from your home or private office. This reduces the time commitment, saves money on travel costs, and conserves your energy.

Online Rehab works extremely well around school hours for children, with options to join our morning or evening programme. We’ve condensed the programme into 2 and a quarter hours per day (Monday to Friday), over a six week period. With family support, or minimal childcare in place, you can go through the programme and recover from addiction.

FOR WORKING PEOPLE: You can continue working full-time or part-time whilst going through our Online Rehab programme. In fact, the majority of our clients are working people, and need to maintain their income.

DISCREET SERVICE: For some clients, we find the safety of their own home is the only environment they will enter into treatment. Our service is entirely confidential. We would only ever break confidentiality if there was a serious risk of immediate harm to you or another person.

Is Online Rehab effective?

There’s no difference in outcomes between our face-to-face Dayhabs and our Online Rehab. We find that our Online Rehab clients are often highly motivated and seek lasting change. For those who don’t initially feel motivated, the support of the treatment programme often breaks through initial fears in the first few days. It’s perfectly normal to feel apprehensive about treatment. But we can assure you, the Online Rehab programme is effective, and over 85% of clients complete our programme free from dependence (compared to a national average of 50%). Read more here about the effectiveness of online addiction treatment.

Don’t put off your alcohol or drug recovery any longer. Contact us here in confidence or call 0208 191 9191 to book a no-obligation, treatment assessment.

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