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Why Do We Need Online Rehab for Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

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Help Me Stop Managing Director, Chris Cordell, writes about why there is an important and growing place for Online Rehab for addiction. It’s very affordable, intensive alcohol and drug treatment, and it is highly accessible for people with life commitments including parenting, caring and career responsibilities. And Online Rehab works – the outcomes at Help Me Stop are as good as face-to-face care. Call 0208 191 9191 or contact us here to find out more.

Outside of the USA, non-residential drug and alcohol rehab can be a mixed bag

One of the biggest issues is the provision of specialist services in the first place. Much of this is governed by each country’s drug and alcohol strategy and the funds they have allocated to non-residential drug and alcohol treatment. Private non-residential drug and alcohol treatment can be hit and miss too, so often out of the price range of the average person.

If you can find a non-residential drug and alcohol treatment service, then the type of support available can also be limited. Many non-residential drug and alcohol treatment services focus on harm reduction, targeting the injecting heroin and crack cocaine community. Often, the focus is around needle exchange and reducing blood borne virus infections. This means that people presenting with issues around alcohol, cocaine, ketamine, prescribed drug misuse and cannabis can often feel out of place and may not get their needs met.

The other issue is how to get effective rehab for addiction if you live overseas. If you are getting into problems with your drink or drug use, and English is your first and only functional language, then trying to find a non-residential drug and alcohol treatment service abroad is a real problem. Even for those whose second language is English, many find that local services are not geared up for the sort of help they need. Often, their drug of choice is not represented in the treatment provision. Not only that, many countries have very strict laws on drug misuse, such as Singapore and the UAE. Drug possession in Singapore can lead to long-term imprisonment or even the death penalty. Under the Misuse of Drugs Act, an individual can be fined up to $20,000 and/or a maximum of 10 years in prison for possession of small amounts of illegal drugs. In the UAE, with very little leniency shown for use or possession of drugs. Potential jail-sentences for first time offenders of cannabis have been reduced from two years to three months. But for the use of harder drugs, and for drug trafficking, the law remains stringent: the fine against offenders for inducing drug use, and facilitating narcotics and psychotropics sales, has been increased to AED 50,000, and with a prison sentence of five years, minimum. As a consequence, many people with drug problems in these countries do not approach services out of fear, but also due to shame on the family. As such, people often try to hide the problem.

Online Drug and Alcohol Treatment is a Solution

English-speaking online rehab for addiction is an ideal solution – for people in the UK and abroad. Treatment can be delivered in complete confidence, in someone’s own home or private office. The time zones of our programmes, which run between 09.15 and 11.30 GMT or 18.15 and 20.30 GMT, are accessible in many countries. This is certainly something we have experienced at Help Me Stop, where we have clients engaging in our online treatment programmes from right across the UK, Switzerland, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Dubai and even Nigeria and South Africa.

Here at Help Me Stop, we believe that addiction treatment should be available to you, wherever you are. As such, we have been running our online treatment programme for over two years now, replicating the great outcomes that academic studies from Yale and Zurich University have found when reviewing this model of treatment.

Online drug and alcohol treatment is nothing new. It’s been running successfully in places like the USA for over a decade. Our successful drug and alcohol addiction treatment programme is delivered by our expert team of addiction psychotherapists, who are in their own recovery and therefore have a real personal understanding of what it is like to get into trouble with drugs and alcohol. Our sessions are delivered as online group therapy, interactive lectures, mindfulness sessions and one-to-one psychotherapy, tailored to deal with the underlying reasons for your drug or alcohol use, as well as your use itself.

The benefits of online drug and alcohol treatment

• It’s effective – Help Me Stop get very similar outcomes for Online Rehab as in our face-to-face Dayhabs.
• No commuting
• Available right across the UK and overseas
• Accessible from home or work
• Confidential and secure
• Duration: 6 weeks
• Streams: morning or evening streams (09.15 to 11.30 or 18.15 to 20.30 GMT)
• Group sessions: 10 x groups per week, Monday to Friday
• One-to-one sessions: 1 per week, Monday to Friday
• Group psychotherapy
• Interactive lectures, mindfulness sessions, behaviour change programme and relapse prevention
• Individualised treatment plans and assignments
• Inclusive online aftercare for 3 months, after completion of main programme
• Testing: remote drug and alcohol testing on request

Don’t wait for your addiction to get worse

If you are concerned about your relationship with alcohol or drugs, or someone else’s, and want an effective option to stop and stay stopped, then call us now on 0208 191 9191, message us on Live Chat, or fill out our contact form.

Chris Cordell is Help Me Stop’s Managing Director and is a senior associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, Certified International Recovery Specialist, member of the International Society of Addiction Medicine and a member of the Federation of Drugs and Alcohol Professionals.

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