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Mel’s Story: from Alcohol ‘Hell’ to Running a 10K Race

One female runner running along a path through trees in woodland

At four months’ sober, Mel celebrates how far she has come since receiving alcohol treatment at Help Me Stop, including now running 10K in support of MIND. For confidential, affordable, addiction help in our London Dayhabs, Winchester Rehab, and our Online Rehab, get in touch. Call  0208 191 9191 or contact us here to talk about how our programme helps people to stop drinking alcohol and stay stopped.

“If someone had said to me six months ago that I’d be running a 10K race in 10 days, I would have laughed at them. My life back then had become absolute hell – chaotic and completely unmanageable. I always drank too much after starting at the young age of 14, and what started out as a lot of fun soon descended, over the years, into something far from fun.

“Six months ago, I would lock myself away in my room drinking from morning until evening, neglecting my duties as a mother, and not giving anything to my relationship with my partner. My health was in a dire state – I was mentally and physically broken. I didn’t want to carry on like that but I didn’t know what to do. I was physically dependent on alcohol and the thought of stopping filled me with dread.

“My family intervened as they were so worried about me. Luckily, they found Help Me Stop. I cannot say how much this programme has helped me. I thought I was untreatable and I still had the ridiculous notion that I could do it myself and one day I could moderate. Not a chance! I would never have got where I am now without Help Me Stop. The 6-week programme was a fantastic support to me and all the staff worked so hard to make sure the programme equipped me with the tools I need to stay sober in the real world. I have been sober for 4 months now! Along with the continued care at Help Me Stop and the support of AA, I am now getting my life back on track.

“Me running a 10K race is a testament to that and I am so very grateful for all of the help I have received. I am raising funds for MIND. It’s a charity that means a lot to me, as many people I know have suffered with mental illness, not forgetting alcoholism as being one of them. Bring it on!”

To speak about alcohol treatment for you, a loved one, a client or colleague, please get in touch. We have affordable treatment programmes that fit with life commitments, including work and family. Call us directly on +44(0)208 191 9191 (London Rehab/ Online Rehab) or 01962 217 090 (Winchester in Hampshire Rehab).