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Louise Speaks to Metro about Cocaine Addiction and Motherhood

Metro newspaper article with headline, 'I thought I was a good parent until I realised I was spending £200 a day on cocaine

Thank you to Louise, who has shared her story anonymously with Metro, about cocaine addiction and treatment in Help Me Stop’s Online Rehab. Now over 15 months into recovery, Louise talks candidly to the Metro about the perfect storm of post-natal depression, loneliness, Covid lockdowns, and addiction.

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Loneliness and addiction

In Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re highlighting Louise’s experience of how loneliness, isolation, and addiction took over her world. With two kids, Louise was already battling post-natal depression, turning to alcohol and cocaine to cope. Then, Covid hit.

Speaking to Metro, Louise describes putting pressure on herself to be the perfect mother, craving downtime, fun and connection. Initially, alcohol and drugs gave her a release, until the addiction took hold and she was using and drinking every day.

Social media, mental health and addiction

Louise talks about bombarded with unhelpful images and videos from social media. ‘From Instagram and TikTok videos, jokes about how alcohol helps people get through parenting makes it look like it’s OK. A lot of parents excuse their behaviour because of this.’

Covid lockdowns and addiction

Like so many people, the impact of social isolation and anxiety due to the pandemic was the final straw. Louise says, ‘I got to a point when I wasn’t in control of anything and the drugs controlled me. It was extremely painful – the guilt and helplessness crept in bit by bit. Eventually, I wasn’t sleeping or eating. By February 2021, the toll of both lockdown and my addictions caught up with me. I had lost weight, I was barely working for my marketing and PR clients, I lost friendships and I’d massively isolated myself from everyone and everything. I got to a point where it was just me, drugs and drink.’

Accessible help with cocaine addiction and alcohol addiction

There is help for addiction, and it’s now more accessible than ever. Help Me Stop launched our Online Rehab at the start of the first Covid lockdown, and the service has gone from strength to strength. It’s the most affordable intensive rehab for addiction in the UK. And it fits with people’s family and work commitments.

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