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Book Your Alcohol or Drug Rehab Assessment at Help Me Stop Winchester

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Help Me Stop has a new Dayhab in Winchester, providing the most affordable, intensive alcohol and drug rehab in the UK.

Adults in Hampshire and surrounds: book your no-obligation, confidential, alcohol or drug assessment. Please call 01962 217 090, message us via Live Chat, or fill out our contact form.

Help Me Stop’s six-week programme helps adults to stop alcohol or drugs, and stay stopped.

We welcome treatment enquiries from people affected by problematic alcohol and drug use, and from family members, close friends, employers, and healthcare professionals.

Winchester City Centre in England

Dayhab is alcohol and drug rehab, in the real world

  • Help Me Stop Winchester offers a structured, intensive, non-residential treatment programme for problematic alcohol or drug use.
  • Our team provide specialist treatment to adults, aged 18 and over.
  • The goal is to help our clients stop alcohol or drugs safely, and learn how to stay stopped.
  • Our Dayhab treatment is as effective as residential rehab, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Our programme is based around integrative psychotherapy – we understand that one size does not fit all, so we draw on a wide range of techniques and skills. We incorporate the 12-step approach to addiction treatment, person-centred counselling, CBT, psychodynamic counselling, recovery workshops, art therapy, and more.
  • Our face-to-face services treat clients Monday to Friday, during the daytime.
  • We work mainly in group therapy sessions, with a weekly one-to-one counselling session for every client with their focal counsellor.
  • By living at home throughout treatment, the most expensive costs associated with residential treatment are removed (including overnight accommodation, 24/7 staffing, in-house catering, etc).
  • We’ve designed our programmes to fit with your everyday family commitments. You can still see your family members, including children, every day.
  • Many of our clients also choose to continue working, on a flexible/ part-time basis. For those who wish to carry on working full-time, our Online Rehab is a great option (offering morning or evening streams).
  • For all clients who complete our main programme, we offer 12 weeks of aftercare (one group session per week), to support you to maintain your addiction recovery.
  • We also measure improvements in health, relationships, work and quality of life with all our clients. Check out our latest client satisfaction survey results.

Help Me Stop Dayhab clients talk about their recovery

To read, listen and watch to some of our client’s recovery stories, click here and here. We are so proud of their achievements, and we thank those who have offered to share their stories.

Dave describes the impact of alcohol rehab at Help Me Stop.

Lucy talks about how alcohol took over, before seeking treatment and achieving recovery.

Matt describes the mental health improvements he made in treatment

Help Me Stop Winchester: a new kind of alcohol and drug rehab for Hampshire

Alcohol addiction and drug addiction are debilitating and potentially life-threatening conditions. Sadly, most who suffer don’t get the help they need, when they need it. In opening up our newest service, we hope to providing a genuine alternative to people in Hampshire who need specialist help for addiction now.

Until now, there wasn’t much for the people in the wide gap in the middle. Traditionally, there have been facilities for people who can afford expensive residential rehab for alcohol and drug addiction. There have also been community alcohol and drug services, mostly accessed by people without access to any resources, with the most severe and complex needs. Help Me Stop was founded to bridge this gap, offering the most affordable and accessible intensive treatment for addiction. Working people, parents and carers now have a viable and affordable option for treatment, with minimal disruption to everyday life.

Please call 01962 217 090, message us via Live Chat, or fill out our contact form to enquire about affordable alcohol and drug treatment in Hampshire.

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