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Women Talk About How to Stop Drinking: #IWD

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On International Women’s Day 2022 #IWD, we’re celebrating the achievements of our strong female clients, who have come to Help Me Stop for alcohol addiction treatment. Here are some of their testimonies, stories about how to stop drinking and stay stopped. We have nothing but admiration for them. Today, we celebrate the women who have taken such brave steps to face their addiction. Contact us to talk about alcohol addiction treatment in London and online.

Jessica stops drinking alcohol and finds connection

After completing her treatment programme, Jessica described alcohol addiction as a ‘nightmare rollercoaster‘. She had tried to stop drinking alcohol by herself many times. With intensive therapy in our Online Rehab, and the support of her peer group, Jessica found her way to establish recovery from alcohol addiction.

Lucy discovers the mental health benefits of sobriety

In her audio testimonial, Lucy spoke about the isolation of alcohol addiction, and how it cut her off from the people she loved. After having the courage to seek treatment for addiction, Lucy described the changes to her mind. ‘I’m happier. The horrible thoughts in my head have gone. I’m more cheerful,’ she said.

Lisa learns how to stop drinking and finds her voice

After experiencing a devastating trauma, Lisa found herself drinking alcohol every day. In treatment, she moved through the fears that were feeding into her addiction, rediscovering her self-belief and strength.

Joanna finds time for herself to address her addiction

As a working mum, Joanna was juggling many roles and responsibilities as her addiction to alcohol progressed. In treatment, Joanna finally got the support she needed to accept and overcome her addiction.

After trying to stop drinking alone, Mel found therapy transformative

Though she didn’t always find it easy to speak about alcohol addiction, Mel committed to her recovery process and discovered how to stay sober.

Contact Help Me Stop for help with how to stop drinking. We offer affordable treatment programmes that fit with your life, online and face-to-face.