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Thanks to Steve Brine MP for calling in

Tim Smith, CEO Help Me Stop, Chris Cordell Director of Operations Help Me Stop, Steve Brine MP

We welcomed Steve Brine, MP for Winchester and Chandler’s Ford, at Help Me Stop in Fitzrovia today. Steve visited to find out more about Help Me Stop’s approach to addiction treatment, including how we are breaking down barriers of affordability and accessibility. More news coming soon of a new partnership for Help Me Stop, working with Trinity Winchester.

(L-R) Tim Smith, Help Me Stop CEO; Chris Cordell, Help Me Stop Director of Operations; Steve Brine MP for Winchester & Chandler’s Ford

Steve Brine MP said, ‘As soon as I heard about Help Me Stop, I got it. It has been fascinating to hear about the detail of the Help Me Stop programme for treating alcohol and drug addiction. Absolutely, I see how it works. I am very excited about the prospect of bringing Help Me Stop to Winchester, working with the best in the business in our area, Trinity. They will be a formidable partnership.’

Chief Executive Officer of Help Me Stop, Tim Smith said, ‘We’re grateful to Steve for the interest he has shown in our pioneering model of addiction treatment, soon to be available in Winchester. We founded Help Me Stop in 2019 to open up high quality addiction treatment to many thousands more people, in London and online. In partnership with Trinity Winchester in 2022, we’re delighted to be extending our face-to-face services to Hampshire and surrounds.’

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