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When a Parent Drinks Too Much: #COAWeek2022

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It’s International Children of Alcoholics Week. In the UK, the charity Nacoa UK leads the way in raising awareness of the impacts on children of alcohol addiction. When a parent drinks too much, children are always affected, and the trauma can have lifelong effects. The campaign hashtag, #URnotalone, says it all. So today, we’re handing over the blog to Neena, who has personal experience of alcoholism in her family. Neena has an important message to share in #COAWeek2022.

Being a child of an alcoholic is a lifetime sentence to a virtual prison behind bars

Neena says, ‘I speak from experience. Bars without rehabilitation and support guarantee transition quietly into solitary confinement. By this time, a child of an alcoholic grows to become an adult child of an alcoholic, on a road to perdition. It’s a rollercoaster ride that feels like it is never ending.

‘Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. There is light at the end of the tunnel with the help available. It’s #COAWeek2022 and a chance to reflect and take stock.

‘I want to reach out to people struggling with alcohol before they become parents: please, please get help. There are places to get help. I work for an organisation called Help Me Stop that provides accessible and affordable Dayhab treatment, at a fraction of the price compared to what is out there.

‘For children of alcoholics, try to get help sooner before going into confinement. I also support an organisation dedicated to children of alcoholics called Nacoa UK. They are a fantastic organisation doing great work helping and supporting children globally. Their free helpline is 0800 358 3456.

‘The rhetoric around addiction is more open than ever across all media channels. It’s an illness from trauma and there is no blame or shame. The important thing is to talk about it openly and get help sooner.’

Please contact Help Me Stop in confidence to discuss alcohol addiction treatment. For further resources, see our alcohol support services page.

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