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Louise, One Year on from Drug Rehab Success

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Thank you Louise for sending us this letter on 15th February and your permission to post. A year after coming into our Online Rehab, Louise speaks about her extraordinary personal transformation, due to her commitment to drug rehab and recovery. You can read Louise’s full story about cocaine addiction and motherhood here. One year on, she is celebrating the person she’s become in recovery.

‘I spent Valentine’s Day happy being single, happy being clean and happy being me’

‘Today marks one year for me since I joined the drug rehab programme at Help Me Stop.Today marks one year since I last drank. One year and one day since I took drugs in exchange for more drugs and pain. One year in recovery and Narcotics Anonymous.

‘I am still doing the majority of my recovery online. Some days, I am still doing two or three meetings a day. But I’m clean, dry and learning very slowly to love myself. I am beyond grateful for your kickstart into life ‘on the other side’. I couldn’t have done it without your patience, your love, your programme and NA.

‘I owe my life to this programme and am eternally indebted to you all. Thank you for this year. Thank you for helping me find myself again, and slowly learn to love and care for myself. I have been through the most painful, emotional times during this year, as I have had to shed all I clung to in my active addiction. The pain and the relapses nearly got me back but today I stand a new woman to the one I was. I am still learning, still stepping forward along this road of spiritual and self exploration, but I am determined this is the direction for me.’

How do I find a drug rehab near me?

Louise’s story is important to share because she couldn’t access traditional drug rehab services. Previously, we covered Louise’s story about cocaine addiction and treatment. As a single mum of young kids, she couldn’t go into a residential drug rehab. She needed to be at home with her kids, and continue with elements of their everyday life.

Online Rehab was pioneered in the UK by Help Me Stop, launched in March 2020 when the UK was going into the first coronavirus lockdown. It’s proven to be a very popular and affordable drug rehab choice for professionals, parents and carers. It’s inclusive for people who don’t have many thousands of pounds to spend on addiction treatment. Our prices are the lowest in the UK for intensive, specialist addiction treatment. All you need is wifi and a computer or tablet to join.

If you prefer a face to face drug rehab service, then Help Me Stop provide an affordable Dayhab service in London: it’s everything you’d expect for a residential addiction programme, without the overnight stays. It takes out some of the biggest costs of drug rehab, including accommodation, 24/7 staffing and catering.

You can call in confidence on 0208 191 9191 about drug rehab services at Help Me Stop. If we can help, we’ll let you know, so you can make up your mind. If we can’t help, or you prefer to go elsewhere, then we can refer you to a service that is more tailored for your needs.