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Alcohol Treatment in Camden | Where to Get Alcohol Help in London

Help Me Stop, Camden, Tottenham Court Road tube station

According to Public Health England, there are 3,303 adults in Camden in need of specialist alcohol treatment. This is 1.5% of the population of Camden, London. NHS Digital data shows that alcohol-related hospital admissions in Camden are 3,200 per 100,000 of the population (2019/ 2020 statistics).

If this is you, a family member, friend or colleague, then there is affordable alcohol treatment in Camden. Help Me Stop’s intensive Dayhab alcohol treatment programme is a much lower cost than residential rehab for alcohol addiction. It’s a non-residential programme, meaning that you live at home whilst in treatment. This keeps the costs down, you’re not cut off from family, and it means you can practise your recovery in the real world, whilst going through our alcohol treatment programme.

Call 0208 191 9191 or email to talk in confidence about alcohol treatment.

Alcohol Treatment in Camden, London with Help Me Stop

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction in Camden, Help Me Stop is right on your doorstep in Fitzrovia. We’re just off Tottenham Court Road on Percy Street, a few minutes walk from Goodge Street tube, Tottenham Court Road tube and Oxford Street.

Our Dayhab programme in Camden offers the same level of alcohol treatment you would expect from a residential rehab, but without the high costs of accommodation, 24/7 staffing and in-house catering. We’ve opened up highly effective alcohol treatment to many thousands more people, by removing prohibitive costs and making our programmes fit around your life. Our current success rate for treatment completions is 85%, as compared to the national average of 50% (2020-21 Government data).

help me stop west london treatment centre

Alcohol Treatment in Camden, London: Recovery Stories

Matt’s treatment and recovery

Matt made this video about the power of treatment at Help Me Stop, including how mental health and wellbeing can radically change for the better in addiction recovery. From the dread and fear of active addiction, to feeling freedom, Matt’s story shows what can be achieved. 

Tom’s treatment and recovery

Tom in trees on addiction

Tom joined the Help Me Stop addiction treatment programme in Camden. He said, ‘I was on a path of destruction, a real downward spiral. My drinking habits became even worse during lockdown. Poking my head out of lockdown and back into reality, I knew my drinking and drug habits were in no way manageable anymore. I got married this year and we’re expecting a baby, so big life-changing events were happening, but my addiction completely took over – it had really got on top of me.

‘Arriving in treatment, I think I share the same experience that most people have. I thought that nobody here would understand my problems, but very quickly, I came to understand that the problems I have were shared with everyone here. They’re just not spoken about in day-to-day life, which is why it can feel so daunting before coming in. It’s a rolling programme at Help Me Stop, so there were peers who were further ahead in the programme than me and that helped me so much to settle in. I was lucky on my first day to hear an in-depth and heartfelt life story from one of my peers. This was a really great thing to come into. I’d never heard someone speak so honestly before about addiction. It really encouraged me that I wasn’t alone.

‘The other thing that is really helpful with the therapists here is that they’ve experienced and come through addiction. One of the main reasons I didn’t really trust the therapists I’ve had before is that they hadn’t had addiction issues themselves. I was able to open up to the treatment team here because of their openness and experience in recovery.

You can read Tom’s full story here about treatment with Help Me Stop.

Lucy’s Alcohol Treatment and Recovery

For anyone in Camden who cannot come into our face-to-face alcohol treatment programme in Fitzrovia, we also run our Online Rehab. You can join the morning or evening stream, with alcohol treatment at a fraction of the cost of residential rehab. Lucy came into our Online Rehab for alcohol treatment. Read Lucy’s full story here or you can watch her videos below.

Call 0208 191 9191 or email to talk in confidence about alcohol treatment.

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