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Our Hopes for a ‘High Quality Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery System’

High Quality Addiction Treatment, Reported on GB News

Speaking to The Great British Breakfast, Help Me Stop’s Director of Admissions, Chris Love, welcomes the plans for ‘a high quality addiction treatment and recovery system’ as outlined in chapter 3 of the Government’s 10-year drugs plan. ‘We absolutely understand that you cannot prescribe and punish your way out of this problem. So, to talk about developing a world class treatment and recovery system is a very encouraging move indeed,’ Chris says.

Drug Addiction is a Healthcare Issue

‘We understand that a large percentage of people suffering from substance misuse disorder are also suffering from mental health issues,’ Chris says. ‘So, taking an all-encompassing approach to resolving the problem and treating the people who are suffering from the issue, is a much more effective approach. Where we are really encouraged by this report is when we get into the third chapter where we start to talk about drug addiction treatment and recovery, rather than focusing on the issue as being a criminal problem.’

High Quality Drug Addiction Treatment at Help Me Stop

Help Me Stop offers Dayhab treatment for drug addiction, in our central London and west London addiction treatment centres, as well as in our Online Rehab. Our current success rate for treatment completions is 85%, as compared to the national average of 50% (2020-21 Government data).

Our outpatient programme is the most affordable option for private, intensive addiction treatment in the UK. Our six-week structured programme is equivalent to programmes in residential rehab, without the costs of accommodation, 24/7 staffing and in-house catering. You stay at home, or the location of your choice, whilst you go through our programme, meaning you can remain in touch with family or significant others during your treatment process.

Call +44(0)208 191 9191 or contact us here to book a no-obligation drug addiction assessment, to find out if we are the right place for you to get help with addiction.

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