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New Central London Dayhab

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Help Me Stop Launches Second London Dayhab Facility

Where is the new Dayhab?

Our new Dayhab, situated in Percy Street, Fitzrovia, W1, just off Tottenham Court Road, opens its doors in July 2021. This easily accessible West End location will also serve as the headquarters for Help Me Stop. Following the successful launch of our West London unit in 2018, this will be our second London Dayhab facility.

As part of our planned expansion, a third Dayhab and our first residential detox facility will open in South East London at the end of 2021. This expansion presents even more opportunity for clients who live or work within commuting distance of London to access intensive addiction treatment.

We are currently undertaking assessments and accepting referrals for clients to commence treatment on Monday July 19th, 2021. The Central London office opens on Monday 12th July.

Help Me Stop Dayhab, Percy Street, London: Rehab in the Real World

How Can Going to Dayhab Help Me Stop?

Making alcohol and drug treatment accessible

We’re breaking down the stigma associated with treatment, including the labels of ‘addict‘ or ‘alcoholic‘, by bringing help to the high street in a really convenient, affordable and flexible way. Help Me Stop is making leaps and bounds in the treatment sector with a reputation for quality care.

Evidence-based Dayhab model

Here at Help Me Stop, we work with a proven model of rehabilitation. Dayhab has been the go-to model of treatment in the US for many years now. Evidence shows it can be more effective than more expensive residential treatment. Recovery within everyday living means that the initial shock of returning from residential treatment is not an obstacle to overcome, when clients transition back into everyday life. ‘Rehab in the real world’ has proven very successful for Help Me Stop clients. Here is what one of our recent alumni had to say:

‘The Dayhab model is a brilliant idea and very suitable for those who know they have a problem but don’t want to be in residential rehab for whatever reason, including when they have other commitments. I also find the model helpful because ‘real life’ takes place alongside the rehabilitation. The fees for Help Me Stop are very reasonable and helped make my decision to try quite easy. I was very impressed with how quickly Help Me Stop responded to me when I first reached out for help, and how fast the assessment by Chris, and then getting me on to the programme, was.

‘You really understand that when people ask for help then they need to get it fast, not a week on Tuesday or next month or whatever, like other programmes do. You guys also never cancel. I have tried previous outpatient programmes where sessions were cancelled (and that was pre-COVID so that wasn’t the reason). Help Me Stop did not have that problem. I really appreciate the support and guidance Help Me Stop gave me. I believe it could genuinely be a turning point for me. Thank you.’

Sam, Help Me Stop Dayhab client

Comfortable Dayhab centre

At Help Me Stop, we offer a warm and welcoming environment. It is a safe, non-judgmental, caring and compassionate place. The look and feel of the space is non-clinical, which makes you feel right at home. We operate in a peaceful atmosphere, which assists in facilitating the client’s recovery process.

Experienced drug and alcohol therapists

The Help Me Stop team of experienced and qualified therapists and staff members are all in long-term recovery, helping to foster an environment of understanding and empathy. Our team of psychotherapists are in personal recovery and experienced at working with drug addiction and alcohol addiction. All of our staff at Help Me Stop have a genuine desire to help and understand how it feels to be ‘stuck’ in addiction.

The Q1 2021 survey from our alumni shows that 100% of graduates agree that Help Me Stop:

  • ‘Is value for money’
  • ‘Treatment exceeded their expectations’
  • ‘Therapy team were professional and compassionate’
  • And that ‘their circumstances and needs were understood’

A vast majority of our graduates also stated that the Dayhab model and affordable pricing were the top two factors that influenced their decision to choose Help Me Stop. Bringing this model to a Central London location, we hope to help many more people to enter into abstinence-based recovery, giving them the best possible start in their new lives free from problematic substance use.

Here is what more Help Me Stop clients say:

  • ‘I did not think Help Me Stop would have the impact that it did – from my very first call with the Admissions Manager, Chris, to the first one-to-one with my therapist Tony when I really connected with the programme, and then on to the different activities we did throughout my six weeks. The staff at Help Me Stop and the programme have changed my life. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to be sober this long and to have completely changed my mindset. I couldn’t thank the staff at Help Me Stop enough.’
  • ‘I have left the program a much better version of myself with the tools in my pocket to successfully continue on my recovery journey.’
  • ‘Help Me Stop has helped me massively and I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to get the help I needed.’

Many people cite reasons such as family or work commitments, or how rehab is very expensive, often making it an inaccessible for those who are seeking help. Our new location is very convenient and gives people the opportunity to recover in an environment that is accessible, and still in the ‘real’ world. Many people in the city suffer with alcohol and substance misuse problems. The new location puts Help Me Stop on the Central London map and Dayhab in one of the most accessible places in the world. With this new addition, we hope to break down another barrier to rehabilitation and also the stigma attached with addiction or alcoholism by bringing it out of the shadows and into the high street.

We hope this has been informative and would love to hear from you. Please see the links below if you would like to get in contact with us. Better yet, please come down to 4 Percy Street and visit us.

If you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, or know someone who does either professionally or personally and would like to refer a client for assessment, please call our Admissions Team on 0208 191 9191 now or contact us here.

If you are an addictions professional, therapist or psychiatrist and would like to discuss how we can support your clients, please contact us. We welcome you to visit any of our Dayhab units to discover more about our affordable and flexible service.

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