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How To Give Up Cocaine

A man slumped on table having used Cocaine

Deciding you want to stop using cocaine is an important first step for anyone who abuses this drug. It means you understand that you have a problem and want to get help. That is an important milestone on your way to recovery. Unfortunately, it is just the start of your recovery journey. With that in mind, the experts at Help Me Stop have put together a list of instructions to show you how to give up cocaine. 

Step 1: Now that you have admitted you have a problem, it is important to tell someone. A loved one is a good first step. Addiction feeds on isolation and you need allies in your fight. If you do not have a loved one to speak to, go straight to step 2.

Step 2: Talk to your doctor. Doctors are there to help you and they often have information about how to give up cocaine. This could include local drug treatment programmes. It is also important for them to know about any drug use as they will be able to take it into account before prescribing you any medications.

Step 3: Get into treatment. The faster you can get into a treatment programme the better. There are lots of great options out there so we have included the most common ones below.

One to one therapy

This option is pretty self-explanatory. There are some therapists that specialise in one to one treatment for drug abuse. You will likely have a regular appointment and they will work with you to understand and treat your addiction. 

Group therapy

This type of treatment uses similar methods to one to one therapy but it is offered to multiple people at once. This option is very popular because a group provides a support network and helps to show you that you are not alone. 

NA (Narcotics Anonymous)

This is an organisation like AA. They meet in groups to talk about their addiction and offer each other support. These groups are led by other NA members and follow a 12 step programme. 


This is a combination of group therapy, one to one therapy and a number of other treatments that fit around your daily life. You can attend while still working and living at home. This option can also be offered online. 

Residential Rehabilitation

This is like dayhab but you actually live at the facility. This treatment is usually only recommended for people with the most severe addiction issues as it requires a full-time commitment for a month or more. 

Step 4: Stick with it. Treatment can be hard and everyone who has ever beaten ad addiction thought about giving up. Remember why you want to get clean and focus on how to give up cocaine. Most people find it easier to break the process down into small steps. Taking it one day at a time gives you achievable goals and allows you to succeed. 

Step 5: You are not done. The people who figure out how to give up cocaine are the people who understand that finishing treatment does not mean you are cured. You should take advantage of aftercare if it is available. You can also still go to NA meeting or other support groups. The goal should be to have a network of people who can help you when you are feeling tempted. 

People who leave treatment and neglect their recovery are more likely to relapse and less likely to achieve long term sobriety. This is explained by a common saying in the rehab community. “If nothing changes, nothing changes”. This means if you slip back into your old ways of doing things, there is nothing to stop you from taking up cocaine again. 

If you are wondering how to give up cocaine, Help Me Stop could be your answer. Our dayhab and online rehabilitation programmes offer support and expert treatment. We have helped hundreds of people just like you. Call us today to learn more on 0208 191 9191

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