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How Does Ecstasy Affect The Body?

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Ecstasy has a number of effects on the body that can be broken down into 3 different categories. The effects during use, the effects during overdose and the effects after long term use. These are just the most common ways ecstasy affects the body. If you are experiencing problems after use, please contact the emergency services.

How does ecstasy affect the body during use?

Ecstasy usually starts producing noticeable effects 45 minutes after it is taken. Most people report feelings of wellbeing, warmth and increased empathy. This explains why people on ecstasy are normally quite friendly and trusting even towards strangers.

Another common effect is enhanced sensory perception. This is the feeling that your senses are heightened. It can make sounds, smells and your other senses far more powerful. This is why people often take this drug at parties or concerts.

The final effects during use are increased blood pressure and a lowered ability to regulate body temperature. This coincides with the feeling of extra energy people have when they use the drug. These effects can lead to more dangerous issues like heat stroke. That is because ecstasy users are more likely to engage in an exercise like dancing in warm environments. Combine this with the increased blood pressure and your body struggling to regulate temperature and there can be dangerous results.

How does ecstasy affect the body during an overdose?

While overdosing on ecstasy is rare, it can happen. This puts users at risk for a host of problems. The most common troubles include feeling faint, panic attacks, loss of consciousness, seizures and hyperthermia.

Panic attacks can be caused by the increased sensory perception or simply by the change in consciousness brought about by the drug. The other problems that can occur from overdose are generally related to hyperthermia. This is when your body gets too hot and is unable to cool itself fast enough.

Hyperthermia can lead to muscle breakdown and a sodium imbalance which can cause kidney failure and swelling in the brain. These can cause seizures and loss of consciousness described above.

How does ecstasy affect the body after regular use?

Studies have shown that regular ecstasy use over a long period of time can start to affect peoples sleep, decrease appetite and make them more impulsive. It can also cause damage to the heart leading to heart disease. These effects occur due to a number of different factors but they can all lead to a general decrease in a person’s cognitive function and overall wellbeing.

If you are worried about how ecstasy is affecting you, Help Me Stop can help you quit. Our treatment programme is designed to fit around your daily life while providing you with the tools and support to break free from ecstasy or other drugs. Contact our team today to learn more or sign up.

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