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How Long Does an MDMA Comedown Last?

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  • MDMA comedown symptoms include trouble sleeping, low appetite, changes to heart rate and blood pressure, through to memory problems, anxiety and depression.
  • An MDMA comedown can last several hours or many days. This depends on your physiology, how much MDMA you use, the strength and if you’ve mixed MDMA with other drugs or alcohol.
  • If you’re experiencing severe physical or mental symptoms after taking MDMA, please contact your doctor, NHS 111 or emergency services for urgent medical help. This includes if you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts or intention.

MDMA Addiction Treatment

If you’ve had enough of MDMA comedowns, contact Help Me Stop for a treatment assessment. We can help you to break free from addiction to MDMA, other drugs, and alcohol too.

We provide affordable, effective and confidential drug addiction treatment in our Online Rehab (available worldwide), and face-to-face treatment in our London Rehab centre and in our Hampshire Rehab.

For people who require a physical detox and rehab, we can help with that too. MDMA is not usually physically addictive by itself, but if you’re using it with other drugs including alcohol, then we will assess whether a physical detox is needed.

Self Assess your MDMA Use

Click to complete a free drug use severity questionnaire. It’s confidential and will help you understand your level of risk from MDMA, and other drugs if you’re using them. It’s very quick to complete, an internationally recognised survey that gives a good snapshot of what’s going on for you.

  • The drug use severity questionnaire is confidential.
  • It’s takes 1-2 minutes to fill out, all multiple choice questions.
  • Answer the questions as honestly as you can, to get the most accurate picture.
  • Your results present immediately on screen, with tailored advice for professional drug therapy and peer support, where appropriate.
  • You can use the drug use severity survey as many times as you want, to keep track of your drug use and risk.

Help with Addiction to MDMA

Common MDMA comedown symptoms

In an MDMA comedown, you are likely to be suffering one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Low or no appetite
  • Insomnia or disturbed sleep
  • Changes to heart rate and blood pressure
  • Tiredness
  • Irritability
  • Memory issues
  • Concentration problems
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Any combination of these symptoms can be tough to manage. Feelings of anxiety or depression only make an MDMA comedown feel harder and more unpredictable. Most importantly, if your MDMA comedown symptoms are severe, please contact your doctor or the emergency services for urgent medical assistance. They are not concerned with the legality of MDMA, they just want to provide medical help to make sure you are okay. You can also dial the NHS 111 non-emergency number if you have questions. They can help you understand what you are going through and advise you on whether or not you should seek further medical attention.

To talk about rehab for addiction, please call 0208 191 9191 or message us on Live Chat.

How does an MDMA comedown affect people?

Depending on many factors, your comedown can last a few hours or even days. The comedown from MDMA is varied because the drug affects people in different ways. It also depends on the quantities and strength of MDMA you use, how much time you’ve been using MDMA and whether you’re using other drugs and alcohol with MDMA. It is also impossible to know the concentration of illicit drugs you’ve taken.

Essentially, everyone reacts differently to MDMA and no comedown is ever predictable.  Whilst using MDMA, the drug stimulates the release and inhibits the uptake of feel-good chemicals in the brain including serotonin and dopamine. This increases artificially your energy and activity levels, as well as feelings of happiness or euphoria. As MDMA wears off and you’re coming down, the brain enters a state of depletion of your natural dopamine and serotonin levels, which is why most people experience some level of anxiety or depression as your brain re-adjusts. 

On top of this, the drug can cause sleep problems and dehydration, which further increases the severity of your MDMA comedown. Lack of sleep can worsen irritability and anxiety while dehydration can make your feel worn down or cause many other physical and mental health problems.

If you want to stop using MDMA, then please get in touch with Help Me Stop now to discuss drug addiction help.

Affordable and Effective MDMA Drug Rehab Centre

If you want treatment for drug addiction to MDMA or any other substances, it’s available here at Help Me Stop. We are the UK’s number one alternative to residential addiction treatment. We offer the UK’s most affordable in-person Dayhab and Digital Dayhab programme for all forms of addiction. We provide intensive abstinence-based treatment in our face-to-face rehabs and in our innovative online rehab programme (available from any location including from home).

Our drug treatment programmes are designed to fit around your everyday life. Whether you’re working, you have a family or other commitments, we fit around your life. Our counsellors are ready to help you understand your drug use and work with you to find a solution to MDMA addiction.

Contact Help Me Stop today for a free and confidential discussion about drug rehab. We’re on 0208 191 9191. You can also chat live to our treatment advisors. Our admissions team will tell you more about our service and the treatment options we provide.

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