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Month: January 2021

man passed out on sofa with bottles on floor showing Alcohol Poisoning

Acute Alcohol Poisoning Treatment

Acute alcohol poisoning treatment is administered when a person drinks enough alcohol that the levels in their body become toxic.  Binge drinking is usually the cause of acute alcohol poisoning. 

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circle of individuals in rehab with Covid-19 social distancing in practice

Help Me Stop – COVID Secure Services

Since the introduction of COVID-19 restrictions last March Help Me Stop have been continuously updating our risk assessment processes to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. Outside of the social distancing on site, the provision of face guards for clients and staff and increased infection control all of our frontline staff have been vaccinated and there are also opportunities for our face to face clients to have regular COVID testing.

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Ketamine clear bottle with white powder next to it

How to Deal with a Ketamine Comedown

With increasing calls to Help Me Stop from relatives worried about loved ones taking ketamine, we take a look at the physical, mental and emotional effects of using ketamine.

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Addictive substances, including alcohol, cigarettes and drugs - Cross Addiction

Cross Addiction

Those that have been through treatment know the dangers of cross addiction and many that underplay the risk of it find themselves back in treatment with their new addiction.

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mans hand holding a bag of cocaine

How To Stop My Cocaine Use And Stay Stopped?

The short and long term negative effects of cocaine use are often overlooked and underplayed by individuals that use the drug.One of the first solutions in stopping cocaine use and staying stopped is to understand why you want to do it? What’s your motivation to stop?

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